24 January 2020, Friday, 7:22
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Viachaslau Siuchyk: Lukashenka Regime Getting More And More Beast-Like

Viachaslau Siuchyk: Lukashenka Regime Getting More And More Beast-Like

The current government is not only anti-Belarusian, but also anti-Christian.

This was stated by leader of the Razam solidarity movement Viachaslau Siuchyk to Charter97.org:

- How would you comment on your detention and the events during the action in the Yakub Kolas square?

- I am grateful to all those people who came to the Yakub Kolas Square on the Freedom Day. I admire the courage of the people who came to the rally, when there were preventive detentions all over the country.

Despite the fact that the organizers of the demonstration were in prison, the people gathered.

I know that some of the activists, despite the mass arrests, marched along the route that we have planned, with the flags. Many thanks to these people for being there.

I am glad that the Belarusians celebrated the Freedom Day decently and showed the world that we exist. Festive events took place in different cities and in different countries.

As for my arrest - it happened with violations, in principle, as always. I was detained on March 21 by the people in civilian clothes and put into the blue minibus, which has become so familiar to opposition activists.

They delivered me to the police department, where the officer on duty told me I was to serve an administrative detention for having participated in the action of the Day of the Belarusian Military Glory on September 8.

Sadly, the Lukashenka regime is getting more and more beast-like. They took off my pectoral cross. This is not the first time, when they seize the cross from me, but the first time when they didn't give it back. The current government is not only anti-Belarusian , but also anti-Christian. This is disrespect for the traditions of the Belarusian people.

I wanted to write a statement saying that I begin hunger strike, but they did not give me a chance. As well as all political prisoners, I was not allowed to use the pen, did not let me visit the lawyer.

My family wanted to pass the parcel, but the guards deceived them by saying I refused from parcels.

Stringent conditions that do not fit into the Belarusian international law. The people who are held there just suffer. Terrible unsanitary conditions, there were lice in some cells. Ill-treatment, which turned the Akrestsin Street detention center into some regime object.

The release looked ridiculous. We were called to the duty room and given back our stuff, I thought that I would be escorted somewhere, but as it turned out, it was decided to release all prisoners.

While I was trying to contact my friends to inform about my release , other political prisoners started to come out. First appeared Leanid Kulakou, I was very happy, and then Yauhen Afnahel, Maxim Viniarski, Mikalai Statkevich and Uladzimir Nyaklyaeu followed.

I was very worried about Mr. Niakliaeu, as I am well aware of the conditions in the Akrestsin Street detention center. Judging from the head-check, I knew that Afnahel was in some cell nearby. About the rest I did not know.

- How do you think, why it was decided to free you? Afnahel believes this decision of the authorities is due to the international pressure, and what do you think?

- I have something to add to Yauhen's words: not only the international community but also Belarusians demanded the release of Belarusian political prisoners. I did not expect that they will read out a letter of Zianon Pazniak, who demanded the release of people who are in the Akrestsin Street detention center, during the rally-concert of the CCP BPF . All the opposition demanded our release. And this shows that we all need to unite, at least in the issues related to human rights. The West must react more clearly and effectively, as Belarusians are completely deprived of human rights.