24 April 2019, Wednesday, 7:50
For our and your freedom!

World Gendarme Returns

Mikalai Statkevich

USA and their allies have shown that they do not intend to tolerate crimes against humanity.

One of the leaders of the Belarusian National Congress (BNC) Mikalai Statkevich stated that in the interview to Charter97.org when commenting on the strike of USA, France and Great Britain against the Assad's regime:

- First, USA and their allies have shown that they do not intend to tolerate crimes against humanity. The point is that the countries of the West consider the use of chemical weapons completely unacceptable. It's a clear step, because chemical weapons are sometimes called nuclear weapons of the poor. Chemical weapons belong to weapons of mass destruction. Obviously, one can use biological and then nuclear weapons. Therefore, such a step has been made.

Second, USA and allies have shown that they are not ready to tolerate Russia's actions and show willingness to reciprocal moves. Generally speaking, it's a large-scale one-time respond to interference in USA elections, Russian aggression in Ukraine, poisoning of the former GRU spy Sergei Skripal in Great Britain.

Third, allies show that they will not leave Syria after the defeat of the ISIS. Western states will support resistance to the Assad regime, and support the Syrian opposition. Trump's statements about withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria are not valid.

Fourth, the technological and military supremacy over Russian and Soviet armament is proved once again. The Tomahawk cruise missiles, which have been fielded for more than 20 years, can destroy and escape Russian air defenses, which are in service with Assad's troops. Only accidental shooting of these missiles is possible.

Fifth, USA and allies prove they do not want an open conflict with Russia, so no strikes were made on the territory with the Russian military.

What conclusions can be made? Unfortunately, we all need a world gendarme. If five years ago such a gendarme had strongly retaliated against the use of GB gas by the Syrian regime, there would have been no millions of Syrian refugees and 500 thousand casualties of war. The climax of the conflict would have long been gone.

The Syrians are the most Europeanized people among all Arab nations. I think the Syrian people could turn to democracy and live a decent life in their country.

But President Barack Obama had agreements with the Russian leadership. It was agreed that chemical weapons would be liquidated under the supervision of Russia. All these arrangements have resulted in thousands of casualties among the peaceful population.

Despite all Trump's pre-election statements, the world gendarme returns.

- How would you comment on the statement of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry which supported the Assad regime?

- The Belarusian regime is completely dependent on the Kremlin. Other reaction could get the master's Irish up. The Belarusian regime is the puppet of Putin.