19 July 2019, Friday, 3:34
We are in the same boat

Yury Khashchevatski: It's Time, Guys, For Spartacus Rebellion to Start

Yury Khashchevatski

Belarusian citizens are the only useful mineral for the authorities.

Velvet paws hide sharp claws: representatives of the authorities like to stress that Decree No. 1 is called "Employment Promotion" and try to avoid negative connotations when mentioning it. At that, it has been calculated that under the new decree "spongers" will have to pay 2.5 times more than under Decree No. 3.

Charter97.org asked famous Belarusian film director Yury Khashchevatski to comment on the updated decree on "spongers":

- Hypocrisy is the key instrument of our authorities. The situation is common: they badly need money, which is not enough for new Maybachs, Porsche Cayennes, trips abroad and houses in Drazdy.

Where do they get this money from? If there had been oil in Belarus, they would have sold it to the west and "carved up" the income. Of course, the main part would have belong to the Lukashenkas, but Shchetkina (believes that a student can live on $20 a month) and Miasnikovich ("can't" pay for water supply) could have a bit.

But there is no oil. Belarusian citizens are the only "useful mineral" for our authorities. And they milk them to buy Maybachs and real estate in Drazdy. Meeting "wishes of the employed", they use the very employed to get more and more money.

For 25 years we have been explaining the Belarusian society that we have been captured by "highway romantics". How can they be called romantics? They are highway kolkhoz people! And they everything they can.

The worst thing is that not all people understand it. Especially it relates those who beat people on squares. Their such latest "feat" happened on March 25, when they "celebrated" the centenary of BPR with the Belarusian people on Yakub Kolas Square.

When demi-semi men get power, results of their reign will be miserable too. Therefore, hypocrisy, lies and mockery of citizens will continue in our society unless people wake up and keep down their every possible rights.

There is one way out: this power needs resistance. They are from a kolkhoz. They are feudal lords whose relations in society are based only on the principle: either I am your master, or I am your servant. They cannot do anything else than to be slaves. As soon as they accidentally have become masters, they are trying to enslave others. It's time, guys, for Spartacus rebellion to start.

- In 2017, decree № 3 failed due to mass protests. What do you think of the fate of Decree No. 1?

- The authorities have long come up with one peculiar thing. Do you remember oil price increase buy 30-40%? It provoked protests of motorists and "Stop-Fuel" rallies. After that the authorities "stepped back". And later they started increasing prices by one or two kopecks. As a result, prices even exceeded those planned by a "sharp" price growth.

The decree on "spongers" implies the same objective. Unfortunately, our reaction to some insignificant changes is not so acute. And they steal our money, our opportunities and our future. If they used to be highway robbers, now they are pickpockets.

Will the Belarusian society react to "invisible" pickpockets? I hope so. Of course, the most worthy, the most courageous of us in the vanguard, those whose self-esteem does not allow to live in slavery.

But, alas, there are still many people in Belarus who, as in that anecdote, sit on a nail and think that it is fine. Sometimes it turns into a national feature.

- What would you like to say to those "Belarusian yogis" who are accustomed to sit on nails?

-I would say, guys, there are other ways to make yourself comfortable in a chair. And not to experience all this mess offered by the authorities.

Another life exists. And you see it when you visit our neighbors in Poland and Lithuania. Remember how the Poles came to us in the late 80s. They had nothing then, they were almost beggars! Now the situation is completely different in Poland. Remember how Lukashenka frightened you with "shock therapy" and Balcerowicz. What hatred reforms have faced since 1994. Remember this – and see how people live in Poland now. And compare it with what is happening in Belarus. Compare their minimum wages with your highest ones.

And keep it in mind: you are the one to blame for this shit, having ignored professionals. Instead, you listened to cheaters and populists, those who stole from you as a result. We are those to blame. I say "we", because I also belong to the Belarusian society. We are those to fix our mistakes.