25 April 2019, Thursday, 15:50
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Schoolchildren Driven To Premiere Of New Belarusfilm Movie In Mahiliou


The "pleasure" to contemplate the new "masterpiece" cost the children’s parents 2 rubles.

Schoolchildren were driven to the premiere screening of the new film of the Belarusfilm studio at the Radzima Cinema in Mahiliou, nn.by writes. As a result, the screening of the film about the delights of the service in the army "Not a Game" was held to a full house.

Even in two hours before the beginning, not a single ticket was bought on the website of the electronic reservation. But in ten minutes before the start, the entire house was sold out, the teachers were standing in the queue, buying twenty tickets at once.

It turned out that too many schoolchildren were driven to the cinema – it was necessary to put out chairs to accommodate all the comers.

Before the beginning of the film, the ideologist of the regional military commissariat made a five-minute speech before the audience about the role of the army.

The pleasure to contemplate a new "masterpiece" of the state Belarusian cinema cost the parents of children 2 rubles off each head.