17 January 2019, Thursday, 4:43
Thanks, everyone



It's embarrassing failure of the hockey commander.

The ruler got tired of hockey and all its stuff. And even a puck sounds like a swearing. Laid-back life of fifteen years of a lonely stater has run dry all of a sudden. It was a complete failure. Every person seems to him an Austrian. And he got tired of this West. And where should a person go then?

Everyone knows that it will be the East. It would be better to go to Saddam. It would be better to hide behind strong Baghdad walls and to watch how he shoots in the ceiling to teach his comrades how to live and work.

Or it would be even better to go to the North Africa to his friend Muammar. To talk about something good. About oil, for example. Or just to sit in silence listening to the wind, palms and water in the fountain. And then to notice accidentally women with guns in bushes, guards of the person who holds the ground in the great desert.

Where's it? Did he bother anyone?

Of course, there are strict people in the East. However, a visit to sheikhs is not the best option today. People are advanced and aware of all events. They may know about the failure of the hockey commander and even feel sorry somewhere deep in their hearts. But it's better to visit them riding a horse, and not after a smashing game with the Austrian team. In addition, no one invited the hero of ice fields.

And the visit to Tajikistan was most welcomed. Time runs slowly there. And he can forget and console himself sitting under a tree somewhere in the mountains. One thing spoils the picture - the stop in Sochi with re-elected Putin there.

Of course, he knows everything. He is informed by Lukashenka's people. He knows that Lukashenka hid behind a fence and did not comment on the defeat. The very person who tried to push himself into the Kremlin circle and represented himself as commander, the best hockey player ever.

There's no reason to fall into despair. Everything, as they say, can be fixed. The main thing that the majority, as is known, is always right. And it was right decision to elect him long ago, as he turned to be a rural PE teacher, who knows everything about sports. So complaints about poor hockey have no reason. What goes around, comes around. And all jokes about the Austrian team were useless.

But this hockey mess is the true symbol of the last twenty four years. One thind is not clear: why it looks surprising and so dissappointing. Do things differ in any other sphere? Everything you look at is filled with complete failures.

This miserable thousand rubles promised as an average salary has become pipe dream for this flourishing country, as it once happened with communism in the Soviet Union. How could it happen? Well, one can assume that Austrian hockey players ruined this plan.

When that system collapsed, according to foreign experts, Belarus had the best start-up opportunities among all post-Soviet states. And what did the elected "only politician" and "effective manager" do?

Suffice it to recall at least one indicator - GDP per capita. Let's compare it with the similar indicator of our nearest neighbours, Belarusians sincerely sympathized to - they rapidly lost ties with the metropolis. Today Poland surpasses our country in 2.4 times, Latvia – in 2.7, Lithuania – in 2.9, Estonia – in 3.4 times.

So five failing hockey games is not the worst indicator. Our economy has even worse score. And there is a black hole in politics.

In general, it's better to look at Tajikistan, not at the West. The situation there reminds of this in Belarus - same power, same prospects. Cooperation should be!

When the ruler comes back, everyone will find out that there were no failures at all. On the contrary, everything is pretty good.

There was a historic meeting with partner and like-minded Emomali Rahmon. Unprecedented deals were signed. Two tractors and even a spare tire were sold. Bilateral documents were signed. And soon rich Tajikistan will flood us with investments. And then Afghanistan may join. It has money to burn.

And still the entire country is preparing to celebrate 25 years of unique power with songs, dances, fireworks and, of course, hockey - let not in the elite. And subtle Austrians will go green with envy.

Yes, of course! After all, we are partners of Emomali Rahmon.

Uladzimir Khalip, specially for Charter97.org