20 July 2019, Saturday, 9:13
We are in the same boat

Yury Khashchevatski: The Digital Economy To Follow Hockey In Footsteps


The best achievement is to play with the "generalissimo", not top positions in the World Championship or the Olympics.

In the interview with famous Belarusian film director Yury Khashchevatski Charter97.org asked him to comment on the failure of the Belarusian ice hockey national team in World Championship - 2018 and its lost position among the elite:

- I can say that the national team is the same as "hockey player No.1". Lukashenka's actions resemble the Midas touch but with the opposite result - everything he touches turns into sh*t.

And it concerns not only the national team. Do you remember him to deal with the modernization of the woodworking industry? I know for sure the same fate awaits the "digital" economy.

It's a pity that the Belarusian national team goes to the minor league, in reality, it's the place for "hockey player No.1". This is the very place for him. He should work as housekeeping manager somewhere in Shklou or works foreman in one of collective farms.

My personal opinion, and it's not a joke, that Lukashenka would be a great director of housing and utilities infrastructure. He can run, yell, require everything to be clean, hot water supply to be accessible, and sewerage to work properly. Other things to do are denied.

- Ostap Bender used to say - it's time to turn into apartment complex manager.

- It's quite right, no irony.

To be absolutely serious, people in the hockey sphere have totally drowned in perversion.

Because the best achievement is to play with the "generalissimo", not to take top positions in the World Championship or the Olympics. As we follow the life of hockey players, we can say that only well-fair of some players grows, as well as the number of luxurious property.

All these dreams beyond sports push hockey players to the "court theatre" and "funny regiment" of Lukashenka, and, as a result, they are fatal. Because no professional achievements matter then: one needs only to escape on time, and one already owns a golden stick and a diamond puck.

I do not compare the Belarusian hockey with the Canadian one, but it's quite comparable with the Slovak– judging by possibilities, the number of people involved. The values are consistent, but Belarus fails. Why? Because moral accents have long been shifted in the Belarusian hockey. People in charge are those who only dream of attention of Aliaksandr Ryhoravich and his benevolence. And they run in circles dealing with ideology or anything but the hockey.

But the thing is that hockey is in the foreground, and the failure there is hard to hide. And all the same happens to the economy, the "modernization" of industry!

The country coachman (I quote Vladimir Zhirinovsky) can't deal with the "digital economy". Few words of Vladimir Volfovich are attention worthy, but he was right to say that the Belarusians chose a coachman in 1994. And now this coachman has managed to grab a whip and treats people like they are serfs.

How can a skillful hockey player appear under such circumstances? He can't. A skillful athlete is a person who respects himself, his skills, his profession, and hone skills day and nights.

If the NHL player earns huge amount of money, it's the payment for his talent and herculean task. But it's not our story. Our people know that to earn more one needs a big mouth, not the talent.

And my congratulations to them.

- Lukashenka, who is accustomed to react violently to sports defeats, is silent this time. For example, Mikhail Zakharau stated that more ice hockey palaces were needed. How would you comment on this?

Well, one can try... But everything is measured by extremum - minimum and maximum. According to Zhakharau, the entire country should be covered with ice.

But it will not work. Because everyone who enters the ice arena will have a bonded consciousness.

Hundreds of sports palaces will not save the Belarusian hockey. It will never work.

The world has long changed. Only people who respect themselves can take the lead and win. Slaves cannot have the sense of dignity.

Therefore, I offer all the talented hockey players of Belarus to escape this Lukashenka's "Serf Theatre" as soon as possible. The only thing they can learn here is to bow.

And I offer Belarusian fans to joun upcoming rallies. If you want to see the different hockey, as Zhvanetsky said - "changes are required not in a conservatory", but on Karl Marks 38. One person must be out of the residency. It's not about ice palaces, residencies built by Lukashenka.

It's about hockey games Belarusians visit with their children, and they observe barely moving "generalissimo" on ice, who is given the way by Merited Masters of Sports and goalkeepers...

Such a hockey is really unique. Do we need it then? As well as "hockey player No.1".