21 May 2019, Tuesday, 5:10
For our and your freedom!

Minsk Center Residents Won

The project of Amkador’s house was turned down.

Zalataya Horka residents managed to defend their quarter from the coming densification. They collected more than 400 signatures against Amkador’s plans to construct an apartment building instead of the hostel in 22, Hikala street, tut.by writes. The other day, the Savietski district administration published the decision of the architectural and town-planning council under the chief architect of Minsk: the project was sent for revision.

We remind that the dispute arose because of the two-story hostel in 22, Hikala street – the building and the site are in permanent use of OJSC Amkador – Holding Management Company. Local residents, including those who live in the nearest new high-rise building in 33, Platonau street, were furious at the project of the house and the parking lot. The people were sure that the densification of the block with an apartment building would negatively affect the quality of their life. In addition, those who are up to speed on the Detailed Design Plan, found some violations, confirming them with in competent sources.

– There’s no new residential building in 22, Hikala street in the Detailed Design Plan for 2016. It only provides for preserving the hostel with the modernization of its exterior, – local activist Katsiaryna said during the meeting. – If suddenly there is an apartment house on the site of this hostel in the Detailed Design Plan, the whole territory is to be reconsidered for the presence of places in kindergartens, polyclinics, and also for greening. No one has done it.

During the public discussion that took place from April 11 to May 5, 4 collective appeals, 5 electronic appeals, 1 written appeal, 4 written appeals (in the journal of registration of comments and proposals) were received from local residents, the minutes of the meeting of the architectural and town planning council under the main architect of the city of Minsk says.

It follows from the document that the architectural and town planning council declared void the public discussion of the architectural and planning concept of the object "The construction of a residential house with built-in premises and a parking garage with the demolition of the hostel in 22a, Hikala street."

Taking into account the collective appeals of local residents, the architectural and town planning council recommended the project organization (LLC TsivaliPark) "to carry out the architectural and planning concept at a high professional level, taking into account the location and the influence of the facility on the existing buildings, in compliance with the standard number of parking spaces, insolation, technic and economic indicators for construction."

The town-planning council recommended to the customer OJSC Amkador – Holding Management Company, if necessary, to re-apply in the established order for organizing a public discussion.