17 July 2019, Wednesday, 16:34
We are in the same boat

Avid Supporter Of Putin Becomes Head On Kobryn Region


Earlier, Mikhail Hryshkevich headed kolzokh in the Pruzhany district.

On May 22, Lukashenka appointed Mikhail Hryshkevich as chairman of the Kobryn district executive committee. He will replace Aliaksandr Zazulia, who headed the district since 2013, nn.by writes.

Mikhail Hryshkevich is 42 years old. Earlier, he headed the kolzokh Zhuravlinoye in the Pruzhany district, which is one of the best collective farms in Brest region. The farm specializes in growing cereals, rape, breeding pigs, cows, producing milk.

Now Hryshkevich got promoted and is headin the Kobrin district, neighboring with Pruzhany.

Journalists had a look at what the new chairman posts and likes in social networks. Hryshkevich is very active in Odnoklassniki network, where he has two accounts. There are many informal photos of the official. The system of Odnoklassniki is such that all the content you like is immediately shown on your page.

As a result, both Hryshkevich's pages are filled with reposts of the content supporting Vladimir Putin, as well as with records offensive to the Ukrainians. Here are some examples: