25 May 2019, Saturday, 1:41
For our and your freedom!

"Lukashenka's Troika" Created in Belarus


Street actions are the key lever of pressure on the authorities in this situation.

The new scandalous decree on "parasites" has promoted the creation of regular commissions across Belarus. They are planned to be closed. It is noted that the verdict of commissions is final, with no right to appeal.

What do the authorities want to hide from Belarusians? What can be opposed to these actions? Film director, public activist, laureate of Charter-97 award winner Volha Mikalaichyk answers these and other questions of Charter97.org:

- The regime's desire to make "parasite commissions" closed is essential; after all, it's illegal economic persecution of each of us. Plus, there will be an illegal data collection, which is an outrageous violation of rights of Belarusians withing the country. It should be stopped as soon as possible!

I keep saying that only street protests can stop the regime. I believe we must take the streets to stop persecution of Belarusians! Speaking frankly, I am shocked to observe the creation of such commissions in the 21st century! Obviously, they will hide because they understand that their actions are illegal.

I think that "parasite commissions" will become a shady tax structure. It will have its benefits, bonuses and awards for illegal activities. They will hide, as once, for example, the The OBKhSS (Department Against Misappropriation of Socialist Property - Charter97.org's note).

I believe that every Belarusian will face this enormous control. It will not depend on political views or social status. Lukashenka's "tentacles" represented by shadow controlled structures will pick every pocket. I stress that street protests will help us to fight it. Common efforts can make a difference. This annoying power only reacting on street actions should be opposed. We should do our best to prevent this mass control over every penny, over every step of Belarusians within the country.

- Minister of Labour and Social Protection Iryna Kastsevich has recently said that she welcomes everyone with "open arms" in these commissions...

- One thing is needed to say. Stalin's "troika" are back, but they are called Lukashenka's "troika". I'm convinced that they will not bear any responsibility for making unlawful decisions. One can say that "parasite commissions" are an advanced model of Stalin's repressions. But now it is better veiled. I stress that every family will face this nightmare. Just imagine that one person in a family is sentenced, according to a commission's decision, to Medical-Labour Centre. Time will show.

- By the way, in May the very Kastsevich stated that those who failed with employment would be taken to Medical-Labour Centres...

- Stalin did the same. If someone, for example, missed working days, he was sent to prisons and GULAG's. It's not the know-how of the authorities! We walk the path another dictator used to be beaten. .

If we do not want to find ourselves in GULAG's of the 21 century, we must urgently take the streets. Unless the decree runs at full power, because then a half of the country will be there. Once again, this new model of repressions called the "decree" will affect every family.

It's outrageous that the authorities come up with these scandalous decrees instead of developing the country and business, carrying our reforms, creating a new tax model for citizens.

- How do you think Belarusians can response to these commissions, which already start their activity?

- Street actions and appeals to European structures, for example, the UN Human Rights Committee can work. Of course, it is necessary to write appeals to the Prosecutor's Office and the Investigative Committee. Let them work. One should consult human rights defenders. When applying to the UN, it is needed to keep commission's decisions, which they take about unlawful violation of rights.

Once again, the main lever of pressure is streets protests. We should unite.

I can't stop being surprised with such a behavior of this power.