23 February 2019, Saturday, 21:02
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Photofact: Excavations At Site In Vilnius, Where Alleged Remains Of Kalinouski Found

There has not been a DNA testing yet.

The Belarusian National Memory commented on the information that the remains of the national hero of Belarus Kastus Kalinouski had been identified in Vilnius. As Belsat reports, such messages were posted in social networks.

According to the Belarusian National Memory, there has not been a DNA testing yet, as "there is no one to compare to."

"The remains are being identified by archaeologists, who believe that there might be Kastus Kalinouski’s remains among the found ones. The excavations are still on, the site (Gediminas' mountain) is still closed for the visitors. The reburial of the rebels is planned in 2019," – the BNM community notes on Facebook.

The remains that supposedly belonged to the leader of the uprising on the territory of Belarus and Lithuania in 1863 Kastus Kalinouski were found at the end of last summer.