16 February 2019, Saturday, 7:20
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The regime needs the database on the Belarusians’ incomes to get an illusion of its own security.

An information database on the citizens’ incomes has been created in Belarus. It was reported today by Deputy Minister for Taxes and Levies Ella Sialitskaya. Earlier it became known that from September 1, an online electronic database on "parasites" will start shaping up.

European Belarus civil campaign coordinator, one of the leaders of the Belarusian National Congress, Yauhen Afnahel commented on the authorities’ actions to Charter97.org:

– Why, in your opinion, a global database on Belarusians’ incomes is being created Belarus?

– All the dictatorships in the new and modern history developed in two ways. Either at some point, they started reforms – by force or voluntarily, or they tightened the screws more and more, totally controlling the society. There are no other ways. It has been clear for a long time, that Lukashenka chose the second way, the recent events only confirm this.

The database on income, the collection of information on "parasites," the purchase of hundreds of thousands of outdoor surveillance cameras are needed to achieve the only goal – to establish full control over the citizens of the country. The authorities want to know everything about us – where we work, how much we earn and spend, what we do in our free time. And they want us to become accomplices in their crimes – to join "commissions", inform on each other, report on the incomes of neighbors. Firstly, they need it to wheedle more money out of the people, and secondly, it creates for the dictator at least temporary illusion of security. However, Lukashenka's friends, Slobodan, Saddam and Muammar, probably, thought in the same way and were afraid of the same things.

– How can one fight against total control?

– A lot of politicians and human rights activists have warned that the updated Decree on "parasites" is just the first step to establish total control over the society. The authorities see that there have been no protests so far, so they are taking the next steps in this direction, because the time is running out, money is urgently needed. If we remain silent, they will not stop there. 2017 showed how we can stop the high-handed ruler and his coterie.

A month of street protests across the country were enough for them to forget for a year both Decree No. 3 and other similar innovations that they are starting to implement now. Lukashenka has fear of the street at the subconscious level. That is why this spring, the special services together with part of the opposition did their utmost to prevent protests. But when the Belarusians decide in dead earnest to take to the street again, no double-dealing of the authorities will be able to put a crimp in it.