16 June 2019, Sunday, 9:00
We are in the same boat

Lukashenka seizes Vorsha Aircraft Repair Plant from Motor Sich


From today, the private enterprise has become a state enterprise.

Lukashenka demanded to restore the effective work of the Vorsha Aircraft Repair Plant. He ordered this today during his visit to this enterprise, BelTA informs.

"It has no owner any more (he was speaking about the shareholders PJSC Motor Sich (Ukraine) and CJSC Innovations and Investment Systems (Belarus)). You (state organizations) are the owners. All the owners who were here, they themselves abandoned this plant. So act. This is a state enterprise from now on," – the dictator said.

Officials informed Lukashenka that they have already prepared the process of returning the plant to state ownership. The ruler criticized the Ministry of Transport and Communications that it had previously recused itself from solving the situation at that enterprise.

"My people work here, your people, the Belarusians, work here, the Russians, who are citizens of Belarus, work here. It does not matter who owns these shares. It is our task that people here receive a normal salary," – He said addressing the Minister Anatol Sivak.

The President instructed to resolve all issues regarding the departmental subordination of the enterprise during July.

"The plant should work, no matter what it takes. The plant not only has to be, but this plant should have perspectives for the development. And put a preliminary design on my desk and so on, taking into account what the business does here for the development of the airport and so on," – the dictator said.

The head of state admitted that certain assistance and support could be provided by the state as well. "We'll help with something for a while, but you should pump it up here," – he said.

We remind, that in 2012, by an order of the President of Belarus, the Ukrainian company Motor Sich, controlled by Vyacheslav Boguslayev (about 60% of shares), and Aliaksandr Sadavoi's System of Investments and Innovations (almost 40%) bought the state's holding of shares in the Vorsha Aircraft Repair Plant. The Belarusian and Ukrainian companies planned to invest about $ 12 million in the reconstruction, modernization of the Vorsha Aircraft Repair Plant's production facilities during 2012-2016, and create over 300 jobs. The investors intended to invest in the social sphere of the plant and the town of Balbasava, where the plant is located. But not all the goals were realized.

A source close to one of the current shareholders, said that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine severely knocked down the plant, because "Russian deliveries were completely blocked as a result of this conflict." Earlier, Motor Sich supplied more than 80% of the Russian aircraft industry's need for helicopter engines. The Ukrainian company bought a Belarusian plant keeping in mind the Russian market, experts said.

After the problems with the Russian Federation began, the Vorsha Aircraft Repair Plant tried to widen the geography of orders as much as possible working for Uganda, Venezuela, Sudan, Nigeria, Yemen. At the same time, the owners were looking for something, besides helicopters, that could be used to load the plant's capacities.

In the second half of 2017, the situation at the Vorsha Aircraft Repair Plant deteriorated. There were talks that the state could again become the main shareholder of the plant.

It is worth saying that in October 2014, Aliaksandr Lukashenka was not satisfied with how the project had been implemented and threatened to return the Vorsha Aircraft Repair Plant to the bosom of the state.

This year, according to the interlocutors, he was meaning that the controlling interest in the company would be transferred to Belspetsvneshtechnika, a special exporter of weapons. According to another source, it will replace the "Ukrainian shareholder, who shed all responsibility for the plant six months ago; his top managers also left the Vorsha Aircraft Repair Plant."