16 February 2019, Saturday, 7:19
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Independent Journalist From Hlybokaye Challenges The System And Wins


Cassation appeals of journalists have been considered in Vitsebsk.

The judge of the Vitsebsk regional court examined the cassation appeals of the independent journalists from Hlybokaye, who were fined last month.

Tatsiana Smotkina did not come to Vitsebsk, and judge Smaliakova did not comment on her decision, baj.by writes.

The judge only voiced the resolution: to reduce the fine imposed by the Hlybokaye district court from 45 to 35 base fees. The reason for the court hearing was the materials published by the Radio Racyja "Lawlessness of the police, or why they break the pensioners’ legs", "How the city drainage system in Hlybokaye caused problems", "Jubilee symbols" in Hlybokaye.

Judge Iryna Smaliakova upheld the punishment in the form of a fine for 35 base fees for another journalist - Dzmitry Lupach. Although Lupach tried to prove that the police protocol, according to which he was fined in Hlybokaye, was drawn up on the basis of false information.

"The protocol says that I filmed a video "Why do policemen beat pensioners? " on April 13, although in fact it was April 19. It seems that the policemen need only to draw up a protocol against a journalist, and no one wants to bother with clarifying the exact circumstances or significant details. The regional court was not even convinced by the photographs I had prepared - this year there was a totally different landscape, because green leaves appeared on the trees within a week before the two dates in question," - the journalist said.

According to Dzmitry Lupach, in the Dokshytsy district court they heard his arguments: on June 4, the court dismissed the case against him because there was a discrepancy between the date and time of the offense.