22 March 2019, Friday, 18:02
A Challenge for Everyone

Kurapaty Defenders Fined Again In Minsk


Huge fined have been imposed on the European Belarus activists.

Activists of the European Belarus civil campaign Maya Navumava, Volha Nikalaichyk, Leanid Kulakou stood trial in the Central district court of Minsk today. They were detained yesterday by the riot police officers near the restaurant “Grand Kushavel”, Belsat reports.

The case of Volha Nikalaichyk was considered by judge Shabunia. It is stated in the protocol that Nikalaichyk handed out booklets. Volha states she didn’t manage to hand out a single one. She added there were no attributes of picketing, no slogans.


Two riot police officers testified as witnesses. One of them, Dzmitry Korzhyk, explained how he understood the meaning of the “picket” concept: “Free expression of citizens by which they call on their own opinions.” (the language of the original is preserved – edit.). Witness Andrei Kampaniyets said the booklets were the protest element.

Judge Shabunia fined Volha Nikalaichyk for Bn 980. Judge Khoma punished Maya Navumava with a fine for just the same amount, while Leanid Kulakou was fined for Bn 1102 by judge Yesman.