21 February 2019, Thursday, 3:42
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Hero Of Square Aliaksandr Malchanau: I Hope To Return To Front Soon


An interview with the wounded in battle for Ukraine Belarusian patriot.

In February last year, an ex-press.by correspondent met with former Barysau resident Aliaksandr Malchanau, who serves in the Ukrainian National Guard. During the conversation, Aliaksandr casually mentioned what would happen if he was wounded: "I would not like to get on pension lists, although this can happen to everyone."

He hoped that it would not happen to him. And this morning it became known about his wound.

Aliaksandr briefly wrote about the incident on Facebook: "About the wound. A metal object 5x7mm crossed over through my eye and is now somewhere in the area of the nose. Do not ask, what comes next. Thank you all for your concern."

Currently, Aliaksandr is in the Dnepr hospital. The ex-press.by correspondent managed to contact him:

– Yesterday there was an attack of our positions, which lasted several hours. Separatists used small arms, AGS, LNG-9 and mortars. I, as commander of the position, gave instructions to use all the weapons we had for the defense. When there were interruptions in the communication, it was necessary to climb up to the fire-swept areas to restore it and observe the results of the fire. A bullet drew up with me there. After the injury I was evacuated by helicopter to the town of Dnepr, where I was taken to hospital. The bullet is now in my head, there has not been an operation yet, so it's hard to say anything. The doctors do not make forecasts. I hope that everything will be fine and I will return to the front soon.