27 May 2019, Monday, 8:01
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Amount Of Money Spent On Supreme Court's New Building In Minsk Revealed


The main funding sources of the "construction of the century" also named.

The building of the Supreme Court is being built in a prestigious area near the Palace of Independence. The construction of the facility should be finished in the first half of 2019. The media have already reported how the building looks on the outside and inside, and now we know how much money has been spent on it, according to tut.by.

So, according to the capital's investment program for 2019, approximately 109.5 million rubles, or almost $ 51 million, had already been spent on the construction as of January 1. And the estimated cost of construction is 166.16 million rubles, or about $ 77 million. The remaining balance is 56.7 million rubles, which (perhaps not all) will be spent in 2019.

Interesting, that the city treasury did not take a large part in financing this construction. For example, last year, 324 thousand rubles from the Minsk budget were allocated for the construction of the Supreme Court, and only 5 thousand this year.

The main sources of financing the construction of the facility are the republican budget, investor funds and more. For example, the Iranian company Kayson had loosen purse-strings for the project: they invested two million dollars as a kickback for prolonging the time for construction of Minsk Magnit housing complex.

We remind, that a number of interesting purchases are associated with the arrangement of the facility. For example, the coat of arms and the inscription SUPREME COURT OF THE REPUBLIC OF BELARUS in the Belarusian language, attached to the facade of the building, cost more than 112 thousand dollars. Also, a custom-made crystal chandelier was purchased from the Kaskad plant for the main entrance hall. Its cost was almost 90 thousand dollars. Art objects for more than 800 thousand dollars and arrangement of a fountain with lighting for almost 300 thousand dollars are also among the list of procurement auctions.