23 April 2019, Tuesday, 16:03
For our and your freedom!

Tamara Patotskaya: Authorities Have No Answer To Question What Is Coming Next


People do not get enough objective information.

Baranavichy BNC representative Tamara Patotskaya has stated this to the BNC press service.

Mikalai Statkevich is one of the few opposition leaders who have not surrender to the dictator, have not betrayed their ideals. This is a worthy example for all the people. I communicate a lot with opposition activists in our town, and, when at work, with common people. Those who know Mikalai Statkevich support him because of his personal qualities. He is the most well-known opposition politician, and he is known from the best side.

We will have to work on a lot of things to win the elections. People do not have enough objective information. They are very concerned about the rise in prices, poverty, economic problems, the “parasite” decree. People are left without work, cannot get a job. The main question, the answer to which the authorities do not have, is what will happen next, – Tamara Patotskaya says.