24 November 2020, Tuesday, 20:49
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PhotoFact: Moscow Protested Against Integration

PhotoFact: Moscow Protested Against Integration

The participants of the campaign came to the Belarusian embassy.

On December 8, a single-person picket against the so-called integration of Belarus and Russia took place at the Belarusian embassy in Moscow.

Anarchist Konstantin Mkrtchyan stated to Novy Chas: "I came out with a picket because I responded to the appeal made during the rally on Kastrychnitskaya Square. I wanted to show that there are also those in our country who are against integration. They call "integration" behind-the-scenes frauds, which they want to present as "improvement of good-neighborly relations". But the true goal is not clear, and I am very cautious about it.

People who live in our countries have a lot of problems with the current regime. Our regimes are in need of a real transformation, not of an under-the-carpet "integration". It will not end well.

I hope that there will be no integration as such. I wouldn't want the authorities to push the people to the revolution so foolishly.

We remind that on December 7 and 8, rallies to defend the independence and sovereignty of Belarus took place in Kalinouski Square (Kastrychnitskaya Square) in Minsk. The people were protesting against secret negotiations between Putin and Lukashenka.