28 November 2020, Saturday, 19:08
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Website Of Independent Trade Union REP Destroyed

Website Of Independent Trade Union REP Destroyed

Leader of the REP trade union Henadz Fiadynich has called the incident “a planned diversion”.

The website of the independent trade union REP praca-by.info does not open. When you try to browse it, you are redirected to the REP account on Facebook, writes euroradio.fm.

The union’s website has been almost completely destroyed by an “emergency power cutoff”. This is the reason the technical service of the CoolServe Corporation hoster has named, the press-center of the REP reports. The company refused to restore the hard drive on which the database was stored, saying that it was “too expensive a service”.

The press-center of the REP notes that problems with access to the website began on December 1. The hoster has been promising to restore access to the site for several days. But on December 3, the company announced serious damage and the inability to restore the database.

CoolServe Corporation technical support representative said that providers are not responsible for losses incurred in the operation of the equipment. Otherwise, they would be bankrupt.

Now the praca-by.info team is working on the launch of a new website.

“I could understand the emergency power cutoff at some remote collective farm named “40 years without a harvest.” But to imagine something like this in Minsk, where the technical service is located, which is obliged to have a spare generator for such cases, is impossible for me. It looks more like a planned sabotage, since the hoster didn’t say who else had lost their websites,” leader of the REP union Henadz Fiadynich has commented.