28 January 2020, Tuesday, 8:07
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Action In Support Of Belarusian Independence Continues In Minsk

Action In Support Of Belarusian Independence Continues In Minsk
Photo: Radio Svaboda

Belarusians have taken to the Square again.

A mass protest action against the so-called “integration” of Belarus and Russia took place in Minsk yesterday. The action lasted for about five hours, and gathered thousands of participants.

Leading world media wrote about the pro-independence action in the center of Minsk. The whole world is watching the protests in Belarus.

One of the leaders of the Belarusian Christian Democracy party Pavel Seviarynets called on the people to come to the Kastrychnitskaya Square again today, on December 8 at 12.00, to continue the protest against the so-called “integration” of Belarus and Russia.This action gathered more than 2 thousand people. After the demonstration in the square, the procession moved through the center of the city to the Embassy of the Russian Federation. There, the participants of the procession passed the resolution adopted at the demonstration.

The resolution expresses a protest against the so-called “deep integration” of Belarus and Russia, the signing of “road maps”, declares the illegitimacy of any agreements that the authorities of Belarus and Russia may sign. Belarusians will not recognize the agreements signed by dictators Lukashenka and Putin and their proxies, and will not obey them. The action participants urge the international community to solidify with the Belarusian people, not to recognize the mentioned agreements as legitimate, and to impose sanctions for their signing. Belarusians will seek the return of their rights and freedoms.

Then the people returned to the Kastrychnitskaya Square. The events lasted for almost 5 hours. The organizers urged to come to the Kastrychnitskaya Square in Minsk again, at 6 p.m. on December 20, when the new round of negotiations between Lukashenka and Putin will take place.

The website Charter97.org provides live text coverage of the events in Minsk streets.


The action is over, the participants are chanting “I love Belarus!”. The organizers urged to come to the Kastrychnitskaya Square in Minsk again, at 6 p.m. on December 20.Thank you for being with us!


Famous artist Ales Marachkin has come to the Square. He has said that he was happy that Belarusians are fighting for independence, which means that “Belarus matters!”


“Let thousands of people say “Long live Belarus!” in the Kalinouski Square on December 20,” Pavel Seviarynets has said, giving the microphone to activist Zmitser Marchuk, who sang a song to the words of Henadz Buraukin “We saw freedom at a distance.”


“We have warned the aggressor country that Belarus would be a free European state!” Viachaslau Siuchyk has said in the Kastrychnitskaya Square.

He has called on the people to come to the Kastrychnitskaya Square in Minsk again, at 6 p.m. on December 20. The politician has also called for representatives of all opposition organizations and structures to take part in the action, and also called for the support and solidarity with Belarus of the Belarusian diasporas abroad. “We must be together!” Siuchyk has said.


“I am in an excellent mood, our people are enthusiastic. Our youth will be free from the mafia structures of Russia and Belarus. 7 million people - for a free Belarus and we will win! ”, one of the protesters said.


Passers-by cordially welcome the protesters, showing the ‘Victory’ sign.


The people are approaching the Kastrychnitskaya Square. The big flag, which they previously carried in their arms, has been put on a holder, and now it is waving above the column.

Photo: Radio Svaboda


The people have come to the Freedom Square. Many white-red-white flags are waving, as well as the flags of Ukraine and Lithuania.


“I rejoice that these two actions were held in Belarus. God helps us. We pray that the Lord will give us real independence, a democratic government, a national church, and not the Moscow-occupying power, ”said the Metropolitan of the Belarusian Autocephalous Orthodox Church.


Some people with flags are crossing the roadway in Niamiha. Some are standing on the stairs. It looks very impressive and attracts the attention of passers-by.


The people are going up the stairs from Niamiha to the Freedom Square. The slogans are very loud: “We believe! We Can! We Shall Win!”


The column is in Niamiha, attracting the attention of many passers-by. The people are chanting “Long Live Belarus!”, “Independence!”.


The action has been going on for 4 hours already. A column under the flags is moving along the embankment of Svislach to Niamiha.


Belarusians are walking past the so-called “Chyzh house”. One of its inhabitants has hung a white-red-white flag from the balcony. The people have greeted him with the words “Long live Belarus!”.

Photo: Radio Svaboda


Viachaslau Siuchyk has summed up the action: “Two actions were successful, given the Belarusian realities, a lot of people came. This is the “Belarusian rebellion”. We called on the people to come out to the Kalinouski Square (Kastrychnitskaya) at 6 p.m. on December 20. There would have long been no Lukashenka in Belarus without the support of Russia. Belarusians always came out when there was a threat to the independence of Belarus, and they will come out again. Belarusians are capable of self-organization. Moscow will not succeed in making Belarusians silent.”


When asked why the people do not disperse, one of the participants said: “We are returning to the Kalinouski Square (Kastrychnitskaya). Regardless of the great number of riot policemen near the Embassy, the spirit is still there, the flags are still there, so we stay. The fact that Lukashenka and Putin did not sign anything yesterday says that our voice does mean something.


Part of the participants of the protests have headed to the center of the city, with the national Belarusian flags. The flags of the EU and the state flag of Ukraine are waving.


After the transfer of the petition, people begin to leave the Russian Embassy. Some of them are again heading to the city center. Many say that they are ready to defend Belarus, are ready for decisive action and will come to the action on December 20.



A retirement age protester named Maryja says: “All of us need to stand here. Do not just look out the windows and watch! I was sitting at home, and then I left everything and ran here. I don't want to give up! ”


A spontaneous demonstration continues near the Russian Embassy in the Staravilenskaya Street. The people are chanting “Long live Belarus!”, “No to Putin, No to Lukashenka!”, “Kalinouski!”



Pavel Seviarynets said that the protesters intend to hand over the petition of the action in defense of independence. Head of the Minsk riot police Dzmitry Balaba said that he would invite the representatives of the embassy of the Russian Federation to talk to the protesters.


The people are still moving in the direction of the Russian embassy. About a hundred riot police officers have been dislocated around the embassy.


The way to the Russian embassy has been blocked by a chain of riot police.


The people continue their movement to the Russian Embassy.


The detained driver was put in a traffic police car. The people are shouting “Fascists!”

PHOTO: Belsat


Police officers in plainclothes appeared, they hide their faces under scarves and balaclavas. The people are shouting “Disgrace!”


The people are shouting “Let him go!”


The people surrounded the traffic cops and demand to let the driver go.


Traffic police have stopped the car, which greeted the procession with a signal. The people are shouting “Disgrace!”


Different people participate in the procession, there are a lot of young people. All of them declare their readiness to participate in such actions further on.

Photo: Radio Svaboda


The column under the national flags continues to move to the Russian Embassy in Minsk.


New popular slogans are being heard: “Basta to integration with the Russian Federation!”, “Let's send Alex to Russia!”



Siarhei Mikhalok’s song “Not to be a beast!” is playing from the loudspeakers. A young girl walking in front of the column has raised the poster “Russia is shit!”


Viachaslau Siuchyk has said that the people are going to the Russian embassy.


The people continue marching along the Masherau Street, chanting “Join in!”



The people are chanting “No integration - glory to our nation!”, “Independence!”


A young man is carrying a poster with a map of Russia on it, and an inscription “Stop Hoovering Up, You Will Burst Out!”


The participants of the action have stopped near the building where the office of the Belarusian Popular Front used to be (Masherau Street, 8). The people are chanting “Long Live Belarus!” Then they have moved further.


The column has turned into Masherau (Varvasheni) street, constantly chanting patriotic slogans.


The people are walking along Independence Avenue, clapping, raising their hands, and chanting “Long live Belarus!”


Minsk resident Yauhen says: “I can’t remember when you could walk in the streets of Minsk like that. In our time, you need to have clear views and courage to come out.”


The column is very stretched, the people are walking along the narrow sidewalks. There are really a lot of people.

Photo: Radio Svaboda


The column has come to the Victory Square.


A young man who is carrying a large national flag says: “What does a person need? Freedom. A man is born free, so why should he die not free?”



The protesters are chanting “Youth - for Belarus!” Among the participants, indeed, there are many young people.


The column is moving along the Independence Avenue, along the bridge over the Svislach river towards the Masherau (Varvasheni) Street, where the headquarters of the Belarusian Popular Front party used to be.


A Minsk resident participating in the march says, addressing his compatriots: “Come out and join us. Otherwise, they will take away our country. It is necessary that as many people as possible understand that they are responsible for the country. Stop sitting on the sofas, surfing the Internet. We have to come out.”


Participants in the rally are singing the song “Grai” by Siarhei Mikhalok, with the words “Chase away the bulls, and freedom will come!” The drivers are signalling in support of the protesters.



About 2 thousand people are participating in the march for independence, like yesterday.


The column is moving along Independence Avenue towards Victory Square. The slogans “No alliances with imperial Russia!”, “Glory to the nation, no integration!”, “Long live Belarus!” are sounding.


The organizers urge the protesters to walk along the streets of Minsk. A large national flag has been hoisted at the head of the column.



A young girl is holding a poster “My eyes have opened” in her hands. She says she will participate in the action in support of the independence and freedom of Belarus, and is sure that Belarusians will be able to achieve their goal. The girl has noted that she is not afraid of anything, because she is “fighting for a just cause.”


Pavel Seviarynets urges the protesters to join the European Belarus civil campaign, the BCD, the Young Font, and the Razam movement.


The protesters have unanimously adopted a resolution in support of the independence of Belarus. The resolution protests against the so-called “deep integration” of Belarus and Russia, the signing of “road maps”, declares the illegitimacy of any agreements that the authorities of Belarus and Russia will sign. Belarusians will not recognize the agreements signed by dictators Lukashenka and Putin and their proxies, and will not obey them. The action participants urge the international community to solidify with the Belarusian people, not to recognize the mentioned agreements as legitimate, and to impose sanctions for their signing. Belarusians will seek the return of their rights and freedoms.

Photo: Radio Svaboda


A Minsk student came to the square with a poster with the words of Kastus Kalinouski “Only then you will be happy when there are no Muscovites over you”.

“Russia has brought us no good. Only war. I will take part in all actions in support of independence,” the young man says.


One of the leaders of the Razam movement Viachaslau Siuchyk has taken the floor. He has noted that on December 8, 1991, the evil empire was in our land was pierced with an aspen stake. He urges Belarusians not to give up, and fight for their country.


There are over 1,000 people in the Kastrychnitskaya Square now. The people keep coming up.



The people are making a live chain to defend the participants of the protests.

Photo: Radio Svaboda


Writer, historian Uladzimir Arlou is speaking. He is reading out his essay “Independence is…”


Policemen are trying to detain the protesters. The protesters are blocking out the police, and do not allow anyone to be seized.


Police officers again warn the protesters and demand that they should disperse. The people are shouting “We do not understand you! Speak Belarusian! ”, demanding that they stop speaking Russian, and “Disgrace!”

Photo: Radio Svaboda


The priest of the Belarusian Autocephalous Church is saying the prayer for Belarus.


The slogans “No to Anschluss!” “We believe, we can, we shall win!” sound. The demonstration has begun.


The people are going to the Palace of Republic to hold a demonstration there.

Photo: Radio Svaboda


There are more than 500 people in the Square. They are chanting “No unions with imperial Russia!”

Photo: spring96.org


A man from Baranavichy explains why he came to the action: “Just because Lukashenka left Sochi yesterday, we must not stop, we should not calm down, nothing has really changed. The Kremlin’s appetite for Belarus has not diminished, and Lukashenka’s willingness to surrender the country has remained the same. There was no faith in him, and nothing has changed.”


Pavel Seviarynets is making a roll call to find out from which regions the people came to the protests. Many cities of Belarus are called.

Photo: Radio Svaboda


An activist of the Narodnaya Hramada party, who is holding the poster “Farewell to the unwashed Russia!”, urges Belarusians to be more active and not just surf the Internet. “I will always participate in protests because I care!” says the young girl.



A young Minsker tells reporters: “Today we have an authoritarian regime in Belarus, as in Russia. But Belarusians have more opportunities to make a difference. We do not want to get into the Russian “swamp”. We are different people with Russians, we have a cultural contrast, we must choose our own power, and ideally join the European Union.”


About two hundred people are already in the square. People are raising national flags, unfold posters with slogans against the integration of Belarus and the Russian Federation.


Pavel Seviarynets urges people not to be afraid, and come to the Square. He recalls that today is the anniversary of the collapse of the USSR and the signing of the Bialowieza Agreements. People greet his words with the slogan “Long Live Belarus!”.



The people are coming to the Kastrychnitskaya Square. Many are carrying national flags on their shoulders, some people have hoisted the flags. The police have approached, demanding to disperse.

The people are chanting “Long live Belarus!”, and demand that the police must speak Belarusian with them.

Photo: spring96.org


Pavel Seviarynets thanked for organizing actions in support of the independence of Belarus by the activists of the European Belaru civil campaign, the Belarusian Christian Democracy, the Razam movement, and the Young Front. According to him, the plan of today's action will be announced later.


The BCD leader Pavel Seviarynets, activists of the European Belarus civil campaign Dzmitry Kazlou, Vasil Zhorau, one of the leaders of the Social Democratic Party Narodnaya Hramada Valiantsin Trokski, and others have already arrived to the square.