20 April 2019, Saturday, 10:18
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Former Friend Of “Staubtsy Guy With Knife”: Many Knew He Was Drinking And Smoking


According to the killer’s former friend, “no one expected him to do this.”

Artsiom is a former friend of Vadzim, who is suspected of murdering a teacher and student of the secondary school №2 in Staubtsy. He said that he was a quiet boy, no one expected him to do that, euroradio.by reports.

“We used to be best friends, but we almost didn’t talk to each other during the last 1.5-2 years. He was a quiet, calm boy, not a hooligan. Many people knew that he was drinking and smoking. He used to study well, someone even said that he was an excellent student. And then after the ninth grade, his grades became worse. No one expected him to do that. All are shocked.”

The incident happened on the third floor of the school in the morning during the first lesson. Artsiom was on the second floor in the gym at that time:

“We had a PE class. We played. And then the teacher told us: go to the locker room and sit there. We stayed there for about an hour. Then they told us everything. We were on the second floor, and all this happened on the third floor. Everyone was shocked, no one could believe that it happened.”

“It happened because of the grades.”

The killed history teacher Maryna Parkhimovich was among the best teachers in the city. She was preparing the participants of the Academic Olympics. Pupils and colleagues from the school spoke very well about her:

“The teacher [the deceased] taught us history and social studies. She was one of the best teachers in Staubtsy. My personal opinion: it's all because of the grades. Is grades became worse and maybe he didn’t like it. And those two wounded boys are his classmates. They stood in front of him, began to say to him: what did you do, what did you do, and he wounded them. Then he killed a boy. He ran down the corridor, rushed into some classroom, and killed the first person he saw.”

At around 8 am on the morning of February 11, a student of Staubtsy secondary school № 2 stabbed the teacher and three students. The woman and one of the teenagers died from the injuries. The other two were hospitalized.

The guy tried to escape. But as a result of a large-scale operation, criminal investigation officers arrested him with the support of riot police.

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