20 April 2019, Saturday, 10:21
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Belsayuzdruk Sells Passport Covers With Inscription Russia


How does the leadership justify this?

Facebook user Hennadz Viniarski photographed the showcase of a Belsayuzdruk kiosk, nn.by writes.

The central position in it is occupied by the cover in the colors of the Russian flag and the corresponding inscription, and this cover is displayed on top of products with Belarusian symbols.

Is it that the purposeful policy – to offer Belarusians to put passports in the cover with the colors of the Russian flag?

The journalists asked Belsayuzdruk ideologist Sviatlana Nikanava about it.

“Belarus does not produce covers... But they are bought by the guests of the capital, so this is not propaganda. This is not politics... Let the sales department tell you about it,” – she said.

The sales department claims that tourists from Russia willingly buy these covers in Belarus: “We have a wide range of passport covers. Just as a sample of the range. Why not Brazil or Germany? Well, it is not possible to present the entire range, all the colors on the shelf. What other countries are there? There are different. It’s targeted at tourists. There is nothing ideological here.”