20 April 2019, Saturday, 10:22
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Blogger Criticized Belarusian Authorities’ Lack Of Mathematical Knowledge


The state control committee has presented strange statistics to the public.

Blogger Viktar Malisheuski draws attention to this.

“The State Control Committee does not know how to count, but it knows well how to overstate. Officially reported: “In 2018, the Committee turned 177 million rubles into the state’s revenue. – 16.3% more than the year before.” It sounds fine, but in 2017, the SCC charged 173.8 million rubles. This is not by 16.3%, but by 1.8%,” – Malisheuski writes.

The FID (Financial Investigation Department of the State Control Committee) knows mathematics even worse: “I quote: “In 2018 (...), sanctions were used to the amount of 128 million rubles. – 4 times more than in 2017.” The nonsense here is that in 2017, it was 183.1 million rubles. This is not 4 times more, but by 43% less,” – the blogger says.