17 July 2019, Wednesday, 22:46
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Customs Officer Found Dead In Car In Forest Near Astravets

He was 40 years old.

Yury Hrytskevich was 40. He worked as a Chief of the Department of Customs Operations and Control of the Customs Point in the “Katlouka” checkpoint at the border with Lithuania, nn.by writes.

Yury got missing on Saturday, March 9. According to a relative, Hrytskevich took his son to school in the morning, and nobody saw the man since then.

Hrytskevich was found dead in his car on Monday, March 11. The car was parked in the woods near the village of Mikhalishki. A vacuum cleaner tube was attached to the tailpipe, and led into the car’s interior.

The reasons for this demeanor remain unknown. Relatives say there were no problems in the family.

The rumours are circulating that the man’s act could have been connected with problems at work. Allegedly, Hrytskevich wanted to quit due to the constant inspections and working overtime, but they did not let him go because of the personnel shortage. However, this version has not been confirmed. Yury’s relatives can neither confirm nor refute this information.

The customs officer’s widow refused to comment.