21 July 2019, Sunday, 12:48
We are in the same boat

Belarusians On Nazarbayev’s Leaving: Time Of Shklou ‘Ruler’ Is Also Running Out


The dictator-fall has been declared open.

Today, the ruler of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev has stated he is leaving the post. Nazarbayev irrevocably ruled Kazakhstan since April 1990. Belarusians were glad to hear the news about the resign of the overstay ruler and drew parallels with our country.

Charter97.org offers for your attention the most vivid comments:

“One of the everlasting is ripe. Not bad!”

“The word “ripe” suits the situation well. Most residents of Kazakhstan organically cannot stand the elderly overstayed ruler.”

“Invite your bald buddy to join you.”

“Lukashenka! Be prepared for the jail, as who do have as an ally? Only Putin. Rostov will not accept everyone.”

“The tyrants are falling. Somebody leaves voluntarily, someone is forced to leave. Lukashenka, it’s your turn. Give up, there’s no use to resist. The new term can only be the one in jail.”

“Actually, this is good news, I started feeling a little bit better. The law of objective reality still acts. We see the tyrants leave by themselves, or with certain help. There are few of them remaining on our sinful land. Putin, Lukashenka. Go away!”

“The time of the Shklou “ruler” is also running out.”

“He failed to carry the crowns he put on by himself, in the end. Mr. Lukashenka, aren’t you feeing tired?”

“If it was Lukashenka, I would make a party for the whole neighborhood! We would party all night long, singing and dancing! I would celebrate this date every year instead of my birthday.”

“The dictator-fall has been declared open!”

“Kazakhstan, I envy you! Well, we will also celebrate one day or another. The “parasites” will receive the ten-fold utility bills now, and go running in the streets.”

“As Solzhenitsyn wrote in “GULAG”, “the bitter doesn’t last forever, the sweet is never enough.” Soon our bitter will end. I feel the Belarusian spring coming,” the readers of Charter97.org write.