19 July 2019, Friday, 16:24
We are in the same boat

Lukashenka In Conversation With Sports Minister: You Have No Brains!

The dictator was upset because of the “Minsk ski track.”

Lukashenka, having visited a roller ski track in the agro town of Mir in the Brest region, criticized the Sports Minister Siarhei Kavalchuk for the fact that the shooting range of the “Minsk ski track” was taken to Raubichi, tut.by reports.

According to the ONT correspondent, the size of the shooting range in Mir "does not yet allow young talents to show themselves properly."

– And you took the shooting range, the one from Minsk, in Raubichy! You have no brains! Bring it and hand it over to Lis (chairman of the Brest Regional Executive Committee). And they brought it to Raubichy! Why it was taken to Raubichy, explain to me! Why, if there is a shooting range. You should have relocated it to where it is needed! – Lukashenka said.

And he added, adressing Anatol Lis:

– Take it!