19 July 2019, Friday, 16:21
We are in the same boat

Activist Chains Herself To Post In Kastrychnitskaya Square In Minsk


Alena Talstaya protests against “no freedom on Freedom Day”.

This has been reported by Radio Svaboda.

According to Alena Talstaya, she handcuffed herself to a post because “there’s no freedom on Freedom Day”. The activist protested against the detentions that took place the day before. The police approached the activist, checked her documents, broke the handcuffs chain with a special tool and detained her 10 minutes after the start of the action.

Important to note, on March 24, activist Zmitser Dashkevich was detained. Today, the detention of Vitsebsk oppositionist Barys Khamaida was reported. The police are besieging the houses of other activists.