18 July 2019, Thursday, 4:32
We are in the same boat

Crosses And Concerts


If instead of protests people sing and dance, then the authorities believe that they can demolish the crosses.

They have demolished the crosses again.

What else needs to happen for people to stop looking for an excuse of concerts on Freedom Day, “oppositional deputies”, ideologies of “peaceful change” and reports of NGOs about 20% of the population of Belarus who are supposedly volunteers?

What else needs to happen so that the inefficiency of this becomes apparent to everyone? So that people finally ask questions:

Who benefits from all these “peaceful changes” and the replacement of protest with holidays?

Why have these people been allowed into the “parliament”?

What are the real results of their “work”?

Are changes in the current situation beneficial to those who do not really claim power?

Who really is the opposition in our situation?

2017 – people were beaten in Yakub Kolas Square.

2018 – everyone danced and sang at the concert near the Opera theatre, a few dozen people came out to protest.

2019 – they sang and danced at two concerts already, no one came out to protest.

So now they can already demolish crosses. They are demolishing.

Volha Mayorava, Facebook

We remind that on April 4, authorities demolished crosses around the Kurapaty perimeter.

Activists report that about 100 crosses were pulled down and taken away.

On March 1, at a press conference, Lukashenka expressed dissatisfaction with the crosses around Kurapaty, which can be seen from the road.

One of the leaders of the Belarusian National Congress, Mikalai Statkevich, called for Sunday’s public prayer near the Minsk Holy Spirit Cathedral (Orthodox) at Freedom Square, about 1000 people took part in it.

Co-chairman of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Pavel Seviarynets supported the idea of holding the prayer service.

On April 12, authorities demolished another 50 crosses around the Kurapaty perimeter.

The Narodnaya Hramada party, a member of the Belarusian National Congress, called for a new prayer, “Deliver Us From The Evil,” near the administration of Lukashenka (Minsk, Karl Marx Street, 38) on April 15 at 6 pm.