15 September 2019, Sunday, 19:57
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Minsktrans Reports On How Much Fees Will Increase For Belarusians

Minsktrans Reports On How Much Fees Will Increase For Belarusians

Officials want to raise the cost of the ticket to the “European level.”

Minsktrans reports on how much the ticket should cost in order for public transport in the capital to pay off, tut.by reports.

– It is not a secret: in the nearest countries, for example in the Baltic States, the fare is 1-1.2 euros. Even in Russia, about five years ago, the fare cost about $ 1. Today, our ticket should have about the same cost, so that the transport pays off, – Minsktrans Deputy Director General Viktar Tozik said.

Today, passengers in Minsk pay from 40 to 50% of the cost of travel, depending on the type of transport, the first deputy general director of Minsktrans, Aleh Dziubenka, says.

The last time the fare in urban and suburban public transport in Belarus was raised in November 2018. However, the price of the ticket in Minsk did not increase then. The new head of Minsk, Anatol Sivak, said that it was necessary to study the validity of such a step. It is already April 2019, and the travel in Minsk has not increased in price so far.

– Whether the fare will go up does not depend on us, we submitted our proposals in the fall. Probably, it’s not planned in the near future, – Viktar Tozik added.