9 April 2020, Thursday, 1:14
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It Is Time for the Belarusians

It Is Time for the Belarusians
Photo: bymedia

Changes happen everywhere. New faces appear everywhere.

Famous businessman Viktor Gorbachev talks to gazetaby.com about the USSR and Belarus after the elections in Ukraine.

Thoughts aloud. Or, chasing elections in Ukraine. What does the USSR and Belarus have to do with it? What do the elections have to do with Ukraine and its results?

You will not believe this. However. We are the only country of the former Soviet republics (there were 15 of them) where the president did not change. Do you get it? Since the collapse of the USSR. It's been almost three decades, and we have the same person in power. Everywhere changes have taken place - either by fair elections, or by inheritance, or as a result of "colored" or other revolutions, or as a result of a fatal outcome.

But changes took place everywhere. New faces appeared everywhere.

And we're the ones who backpedal. We resist and do not want to change faces. One president remains the one unchanged. He does not want to break away from the USSR, leaving behind that life and management methods. We stayed there together with him.

We are lagging behind in our development, and not only from European countries, but also from neighboring, former or not "brotherly" ones.

And the irreplaceable is not the one to blame. We are! We are the only ones to blame. Because we do not care. And it's not just "funny" and offensive - it's scary! We are in the very end.

What will we leave to our children and grandchildren? It's the fact that a small group of people will leave everything to their relatives. And what will the majority have? A moth-eaten heritage?

Thirty years ago, we poked our fingers at "poor and miserable" Poland, and today we can only dream of such a life. Well, Poland is not one of those fifteen republics. Well, let's look at the Baltic States and Ukraine with its sixth president.

And we are all happy about stability. Invented and pretended. And we are all longing for the figure of "500 for everyone".

Do we want to move forward? Then we need a renewal. We will wash cows without it.