13 December 2019, Friday, 13:00
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Leonid Nevzlin: I Will Help Uncovering Brazen ‘Elite’ Of Putinism

Leonid Nevzlin: I Will Help Uncovering Brazen ‘Elite’ Of Putinism
Leonid Nevzlin

The famous businessman and public figure has made a programme statement.

Leonid Nevzlin posted the following on Facebook:

Dear friends. According to the tradition, that has established for the 16 years of my life in Russia, this is not the first time (I hope it’s the last one though but who knows) I seize my writing in Telegram and on Facebook for an indefinite term.

I consider the prolongation of this activity senseless and of little effect. At least, for me personally.

The interests of my country – Israel, and the civilized countries of the West remain much more important to me than trying to help you figure out what is going on, basing on my simple liberal views and criteria.

I will surely struggle for the release of Alexey Pichugin, and the renovation of justice in the YUKOS case. I will help the West to correctly assess the risks connected with the mafia “putin” state, with its mayhem in every possible sphere.

However, given that my position with regard to the non-return to Russia has not changed, I will not bother you any longer. The example of Ukraine showed me that it’s not my mission to try to convince in something the people, who have lost the ability to think and assess what is happening.

I am a man of the Russian culture, a proud Jew and Russophile at the same time - I do not find a real response in your souls.

I will help all honest people to uncover the brazen “elite” of Putinism, I will prevent the authorities and their supporters of all stripes from living and storing money in the West in any possible way. With regard to the criminal clique of the “family guys”, those from St. Petersburg and their assistants, I seek one thing: a tribunal in the democratic Russia of the future, an international tribunal, the return of funds stolen from the Russian people and a real conviction term for the criminals.

This activity has been and will be open to the public.

This year I will turn 60 years old, and this is a sufficient reason to redistribute my efforts for more effective tasks than clarifying my positions to the Russian marginal and corrupted elite.

I am sorry, and thank you for your attention and some useful discussions. I reserve the right to express my opinion on events in Russia and around it through free media in the free world, and sometimes through the quasi-free media in Russia.

Live happily, do not give up hope for the future.

Although you are marginalized, gentlemen.

You cannot live without the feeling that Russia is the center of life and the whole world. It is the center, of course, behind the Iron Curtain, with the red flags along the borders, Stalinism and other isms. The corrupt gangster trash.

With hopelessly impoverished and weak-willed people.

You managed to make all the great dystopias a miserable parody of the country that you built and “develop”.

As according to the classic, “You are going the right way, comrades.” You will come soon.

I apologize to those few like-minded people whose hopes for my public activity in Russia I did not justify.

Our future is in actions.

Words have exhausted themselves.

Take care of yourself in the name of your future and the future of your children.

Sorry for the attention.

Leonid Nevzlin