12 December 2019, Thursday, 9:20
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Leanid Sudelanka: In Regions, People Queue Even For $ 150 Vacancies

Leanid Sudelanka: In Regions, People Queue Even For $ 150 Vacancies

Today in Belarus people are forced to work for food and this is not the limit.

Leanid Sudalenka, a well-known legal labor inspector of the independent trade union of the radio-electronic industry workers (REP) in the Homel region, has said this to the website Charter97.org, commenting on the information that people in the urban settlement of Bragin are paid BYN 200-300 .

- And where are the “500 bucks each”, promised by Lukashenka?

- Today, the Belarusian government managed to achieve the “500 bucks each” only in the capital or near it. All the rest is the fake statistics, not reflecting the real state of affairs.

When, for example, you go 100 kilometers away from Minsk to the regions, a different, real life begins. In small towns and regional centers, I think, BYN 1 000 are paid only in district executive committees, the police and, perhaps, the tax inspectorate. In short, high-ranked officials.

Ordinary people here work or stand in line for a vacancy even with a salary of BYN 300 ($ 150). There is no other way. Or rather, there is, but not everyone is ready to drastically change their way of life, leave their family, for example, their homeland and go to work in other countries.

I remember the times when, in the years the Belarusian economy rolled in clover, we were promised from the highest rostrum not even five hundred, but a thousand! During the government of Sidorsky, Russian oil reached peak prices on world markets. Then we got some crumbs from the masters' table. And then it was necessary to reform the economy! But this step requires political will, which our rulers do not have.

I watched the Belarusian Television with horror the other day, where in the program devoted to discussing Lukashenka’s message, some high-ranking official from trade unions argued about the arrival of investors in our country. Listen, it’s the 21st century, and this middle-aged lady declares: “Well, thick wallets will come to us, take all the money from the factories and leave!” Is she insane? What money does a bankrupt have?

If the way to a bright future will be shown to us by people with such a worldview, then Belarusians will receive the “five hundred” in 15-20 years, when the current generation of officials leaves.

I repeat, there is not and there was no Belarusian miracle, the country lived at the expense of the eastern neighbor. As soon as it began to show character, it turned out that we were not able to live without external borrowing. The described economic situation in Brahin is ubiquitous, it is enough, as I said, to move away from the capital into the outback.

Without reforming the entire economy, without creating new jobs with a decent salary, without attracting investors into the country, our standard of living will rapidly decline. Today in the regions, people are forced to work for food and this is not the limit.

We do not need to invent anything, we just have to look at the experience of our neighbors. I would set Poland as an example, which started with empty shelves in stores in the 90s of the last century, just like us. Today, no one promises anything to anyone there, but to earn a thousand euros is not a problem. Today, the economic migration of Belarusians to Poland alone makes about 300 thousand people in total. I think this figure will increase every day in proportion to the fall in the standard of living in Belarus.

Don’t our officials understand this situation? They understand it perfectly well. But, to put it in Leninist language, these “elites” will want as long as the people are silent!