20 June 2019, Thursday, 9:25
We are in the same boat

Mahiliou Police Releases Romani People Detained After Traffic Police Officer's Murder


Those released from the detention facility said that they were charged with "petty hooliganism".

The representatives of the Romany minority started to be released from the Mahiliou temporary detention center, Radio Svaboda reports.

According to Svaboda journalists, more than 60 Romani people were detained in the evening of May 16 and accused of hooliganism. The arrests were allegedly connected with the abduction and murder of Yauhen Patapovich, a traffic police officer from Mahiliou. The police officer allegedly reported that he was kidnapped by people of " Gypsy or Caucasian appearance". However, no official information on this matter has been made public. The body of 22-year-old Patapovich was found half an hour before the mass arrests of Romani people took place.

– Those released from the detention center said that they were charged with petty hooliganism. They don't remember whether protocols were drawn up. They are scared. Yesterday a friend was taken to the hospital. At the moment, about 20 people have been released. — a source told to Radio Svaboda.

The released men don't want to talk to journalists.


Only men from Chapayeuka and Hrabianiova settlements in Mahiliou district, where Romani people live densely, were detained.