22 September 2020, Tuesday, 16:48
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Uladzimir Niakliayeu: Belarusians Must Get Rid Of Lukashenka And His "Mission" Single-Handedly

Uladzimir Niakliayeu: Belarusians Must Get Rid Of Lukashenka And His "Mission" Single-Handedly

The Russian leadership has too many ways of putting pressure on the dictator.

It has been stated on Facebook by one of the leaders of the Belarusian National Congress, poet and politician Uladzimir Niakliayeu:

"The Swedish journalist, who has been to Belarus many times and knows the political situation in the country quite well, says that the Ukrainian Maidan was a negative factor for the Belarusians, a scary one, but the election of Vladimir Zelenski as President of Ukraine is a positive factor.

In the next elections, Belarusians will want a new leader of the country. Not necessarily a young, but new one. And to my remark that the Belarusians have wanted a new head of the country for a long time, but they do not choose him, Lukashenka chooses him instead, the journalist suddenly asks: "Why are you so afraid of the referendum on integration with Russia? Lukashenka will hold it in such a way that 87.7% will be against the unification and will close the topic forever. This is his historical mission. I asked him how he came up with such a thing in Stockholm. And he confessed that it had happened not in Stockholm, but in Minsk when talking to one "deputy" about the possibility of the referendum during the parliamentary elections...

Such talks are really taking place in Minsk. Some people have them due to their perplexity (because they are "deputies" of the sixth chamber), while others - on purpose. And this is nothing else but part of the work of the "Russian world": to accustom the Belarusians to the idea of a referendum.

Lukashenka will not abandon the referendum topic. And even if (suddenly) he wants to, they won't let him do so. The Russian leadership has too many ways to put pressure on him. Economic, political, criminal. The simplest way to do that: if the topic is closed - the gas is cut off. It will be the end of Lukashenka.

Besides, imagine how Russia will handle this referendum. And not just in terms of information. There will be 87.7% of Russian observers - and they will not stand one kilometer away from the table where the votes are counted. The "men in green" will stand a kilometer away.

And the most dangerous thing is that these "men in green" may not even be needed. The question will not be formulated as follows: "Do you agree to unite with Russia to sell Belarus? They will ask, for example: "Do you support closer integration with Russia?" And people will support it! In the choice between independence and freebies, the freebies will win, sir...

This is how Lukashenka has aligned Belarus over the past 25 years Russia is not going to get rid of him until this mission is completed. It means that the Belarusians themselves need to get rid of him and his mission. And if we are talking about Zelensky's factor, then let's realize that it was not the result of Poroshenko's activity (which, by the way, did a lot for Ukraine, fulfilled its historical mission), but the result of Maidan. The result of the Revolution of Dignity in its development.