24 January 2020, Friday, 21:23
The Wait Is Nearly Over

"Let That Riot Police Officer Live With Knowledge That He Killed Man."

"Let That Riot Police Officer Live With Knowledge That He Killed Man."

The invasion of a house by armed OMON forces in the village of Hrabianiova caused Lidzia Yurchanka's early death. 

The invasion of the house by armed OMON troops, insults and threats caused the premature death of 67-year-old Lidzia Yurchanka.

That's what her neighbors, the Roma living in the village of Hrabianiova, think. After the death of the traffic inspector Yauhen Patapovich, Mahiliou police made a real raid and detained about a hundred of citizens, Belsat writes.

Piotr Yazepchuk, a neighbor of the deceased, told about the threats, humiliations and insults that the Belarusian Roma regularly hear from law enforcers.

"We are just as much Belarusians as they are, we were born here and have been living here for a hundred years. Why such an attitude? Everything started 2-3 years ago. They started attacking slowly, they started taking us to fingerprints. They said - this is the law. The law is for everyone, right? For Belarusians, Gypsies and Jews... We all agreed, we went, we were fingerprinted. What to be afraid of, if we are not criminals? And they started dragging us there multiple times, they don't have anything to do, or what? They check the same people's documents 10 times a year..."