26 June 2019, Wednesday, 9:52
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Searches And Arrests In Power Structures Take Place In Belarus


It is reported that there have been searches among the leadership of the KGB and the Ministry of Defense.

Searches and arrests in power structures have taken place in Belarus.

This was announced by the Russian journalist, the chief editor of the This Is Radio Moscow radio station Sergey Dorenko in his telegram channel, Rasstriga.

– Probable new arrests are being discussed in Minsk: two more high-ranking representatives of the security forces might have been detained – the deputy head of Lukashenka’s security service and the commander of the Alpha group. Searches have taken place among the leadership of the KGB and the Ministry of Defense.

Viktar Lukashenka did not appear at the bikers’ meeting, where they were waiting for him, it had been planned. His involvement in the conspiracy against his father, or in exposing the conspiracy, is not yet clear,” – Dorenko wrote.

We remind that earlier Sergey Dorenko’s telegram channel reported that a serious emotional conversation between Putin and Lukashenka had taken place at the forum in Beijing, after which the Belarusian dictator left the event. This information was later confirmed.