5 July 2020, Sunday, 9:44
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BelGee Stopped Car Production Line

BelGee Stopped Car Production Line

Most of the employees have been sent on vacation.

The production of cars on the conveyor of CJSC BelGee in Barysau district has been stopped. It is planned to resume the assembly of cars on August 5. The two-week stop, during which most of the staff was sent on vacations, is necessary to carry out routine maintenance and repair work of the equipment, Ex-press.by writes.

The monthly minimum of car production is set at 1700 cars, but the employees are paid bonuses for exceeding this level, which allows to reach the production volume of 2000 cars per month.

We remind that the administration of the joint closed joint-stock company BelGee in Barysau district reserved the right to attract employees to work without their consent at weekends and overtime until December 31.

The relevant order was signed at the beginning of this year by the First Deputy Minister of Industry of Belarus, Acting BelGee Director General Hennadz Sviderski.