26 February 2020, Wednesday, 9:22
The Wait Is Nearly Over

Time To Return The Stolen

Time To Return The Stolen

How long will we wait for someone to solve our problems for us?

“You do understand everything,” many have heard this famous phrase. Those who violate our rights or condone this, love to say it no matter whether it’s relevant or not. These words are hanging in the stale air of all dictatorships. It happens that society gets used to breathing this poisonous stench and rejects normal, clean air, writes Maksim Viniarski, the coordinator of the European Belarus civil campaign for the “Basta!” Telegram channel.

Taking away our rights and freedoms over and over again, they are training us to manage only with their imitation, and moreover, they demand that we pretend this is how it should be. The right to freedom of assembly. The right to a defense and fair trial. The right to work and decent pay. The right to disseminate information. The electoral right.

The only way to defend these rights is to use them in full, refusing to recognize their “neutered” version again and again. The dictator and his officials will not like this. By returning our rights to ourselves, we thereby threaten the safety of everything that they stole from us, taking advantage of our position, and prevent any opportunity for them to steal from us in the future. Therefore, they won’t like it, it’s understandable. But I have a question to another part of society, which periodically complains about a bad life, but at the same time throw sideways looks at those who are trying to change something. The question is simple: how long will we wait for someone to solve our problems for us?

Ahead is the decisive year for our country. Secret negotiations are underway on the surrender of sovereignty, strange statements by representatives of the authorities are voiced, rumors are circulating about some referendum. We could lose Belarus in the end of it all.

I could write that time is running out, there is almost nowhere to retreat further. But you do understand all this. Almost all rights were taken away from us, even the right to life may soon be in doubt if they suddenly launch a nuclear power station near Astravets.

It's time to return the stolen. And the first right that we will return is the right to decide our own fate.

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Download and install Telegram messenger on your smartphone or computer, subscribe (click the “Join” button) for the channel “Basta”, and start creating the history of free Belarus.