10 July 2020, Friday, 13:18
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Pavel Seviarynets: People Who Defend Brest Today Are Heroes Of Belarus

Pavel Seviarynets: People Who Defend Brest Today Are Heroes Of Belarus

The gang must know - every act of violence will lead to the expansion of the protests.

Co-Chairman of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Pavel Seviarynets has posted this on Facebook:

- Near Brest, someone attacked the people who stand for the pure air for their children. A gangster attacked a lady, caused her a serious injury, and damaged the defenders’ cars. He has been identified. However, he remains at large, the police see “no reason to detain him”.

Even the leadership of the lead plant, having watched the video of the attack, officially apologized for the behaviour of this man. Even they are in shock. But the bodies which are supposed to guard the order and protect citizens, see no obvious crime in this.

A gangster who attacks people, beats and threatens them, should be in jail.

The police would immediately detain an oppositionist or an activist for a leaflet or even a post in the social media. However, they cover up for the “hero”, who beats a woman. The conclusion is on the surface: an organized crime group is acting, the goal of which is to intimidate the citizens, to suppress the protest against the lead poisoning by putting physical and psychological pressure on the activists. And this group includes representatives of the authorities.

The attempts to plant drugs or weapons on the activists brought no results, so the gang turned to open unpunished violence. We are witnessing the same scheme, with constant provocations and violence, in Kurapaty.

We can overcome this with just one method: maximum publicity, claims to all institutions, and reinforcement of the defence campaign. The gang must know - every violent act will lead to the expansion of the protests.

The people who are defending the population of the 300-thousand city from the ecological catastrophe are real heroes of Belarus, without exaggeration. Risking their freedom and lives, they are struggling for the pure air for the silent majority.

Dear friends! Now it is high time to join and support the defenders, - Pavel Seviarynets writes.