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The Honest Fairy Tale About Silly Hare

The Honest Fairy Tale About Silly Hare
Dmitry Rastayev

"I'm not going to follow a civilized forest."

Not far, not near, not high, not low, not in the sky, but on the ground, there was a forest, and a wise hare lived there.

All animals did what they were designed for: squirrels were looking for pinecones, hedgehogs were picking mushrooms, wild boars were digging acorns, and jays were dabbing grains. Everyone was happy. Well, or at least they were satisfied.

Only the wise hare was upset. He should have cropped the grass and eaten the bark on birches like all his normal relatives, but he was too wise for that. Wise hares always have intricate ideas in their heads.

- I will not follow a civilized forest! The long-eared got excited and voiced his ideas.

He decided to cultivate carrots. Not to waste time on watering, he planted it on the swamp. Carrots had no chance to grow there. Having failed, our character decided to turn to cabbage. To prevent it from rotting, he planted it on the rocks. The result was even worse than that with carrots on the swamp.

That was no surprise that the rabbit was always hungry and begged for food. But one day he noticed a bunch of carrots and roots heading into woods.

- So luck! the hare splashed his paws. - This is enough for me for a hundred years.

And I started to crunch carrots, roots, going further into the darkness of the woods. Seeing this, the wise eagle owl tried to warn the long-eared and explained to him that free treats lead to traps set by a cunning hunter.

Eagle owl reminded the hare how his neighbour the boar fell for free acorns and suffered a lot: the hunter took off his whole thigh, and also damaged his chap with case-shot, and it still bleeds and whines.

But the eagle owl was wise, and the hare was wise.

- Don't scare us with hunters!- he shouted. - We are not going to break our integrity, but are taking economically feasible steps. If you want to know, the hunter is my best friend. I would even say, older brother. And in general, we are blood related. A hare is a hunter with a quality mark!

He would have shouted out many other things, but then something whistled over his head and the poor thing found himself in a deep hole with a tight snare around his neck.

And the hunter came out of the bushes. He threw the hare in the bag, took him home and cooked him. And the hare became a part of the hunter with all six parts - four paws, body and wise head, which had a lot of ideas, but little intelligence.

Tale of sense, if not of truth! Food for thought to honest youth.

Dmitry Rastayev, Salidarnasts