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Khashchevatski About Lukashenka at School: Children, Do not Listen to This…Man

Khashchevatski About Lukashenka at School: Children, Do not Listen to This…Man
Yury Khashchevatski
Photo: charter97.org

We might have taken the next level of the major lesson.

On September 2nd, Lukashenka visited school No. 93 in Minsk and gave a symbolic "first lesson".

Teachers were "instructed" not to overburden pupils with knowledge. They were also instructed about nutrition and schoolchildren's clothes. "Don't be embarrassed. That's a mess I'm hearing for the first time. Students should eat the same and be dressed without "showing off," he said.

Also, Lukashenka confessed that it was difficult for him, as a "village person," to study at school, while he called higher mathematics "junk".

What knowledge and values will schoolchildren learn from the "first lessons" of such a "teacher"? Charter97.org talked to the famous Belarusian film director Yury Khashchevatski.

- Each time Lukashenka visits schools, he makes at least strange statements and opens new "secrets" of his biography. He once said that he was a "hooligan" at school and was registered at the police station. Now we have learned that it was hard for the "villager" to study, while higher mathematics is "junk". How would you comment on the new dictator's confessions?

- Well, what can I say... Thanks to Aliaksandr Ryhoravich that he does not say how to do "poo and pee" - especially in the first grade. Thank God it is still beyond the "presidential" control, although I think it may happen.

As for the "junk" of higher mathematics, which I taught and had A - I have to tell Aliaksandr Ryhoravich that cows "shit" only with those heads who consider higher mathematics junk. This is normal. Under their leadership, the whole country "shits" just like these cows. It is initiated by his collective farm failure to realize the importance of intelligence in modern life.

He has long lost its significance. He did not understand it even at school, because he was a bad student and he admits it. But what do we want? In 1994, we chose a В student who solves all the problems in the country with punches to a drunken mechanic or an opposition that holds protests. For him, "the higher mathematics" is the highest degree of conviction with the help of batons, bombs, unrighteous trials... This is "the higher mathematics" of Lukashenka.

All the rest is "junk" for him. Unfortunately, this policy has turned our entire country into "junk". He does his best to keep this country under control by surrendering its independence because of his ignorance and inability to live in the modern world.

This is not the last, but one of the major crimes of Lukashenka against Belarusians. He has been committing these crimes for a long time: when he distorted the Constitution, seized freedoms and the right to express an opinion, when he turned people into slaves, binding them to the contract system. Then he realized that the higher mathematics is "junk". Because a man with a baton is the senior scientist in this country. Salaries and events in our country are the best proof of it.

This is how Lukashenka brought both himself and the country to the point when everything poses a threat to him. This is the reason for the gap between us and the civilized world. He also may lose his power because of the appetite of his eastern neighbour...

Everything is clear. However, we cannot ask for more from this completely ignorant leader. God decided to punish the Belarusians with him.

Frankly speaking, I know the reason why: we are punished for our obedience, our readiness to live in slavery. But I think that it is made for us to learn the lesson.

My congratulations to all the Belarusians who entered the next class this year - not only students and first-graders but all of us. We take the next level to learn the lesson of dignity. We should learn how to call a spade a spade.

- Do you think the Belarusian schoolchildren should have taken the "intellectual antidote" after the "first lesson" with Lukashenka?

- Yes. I'd like to address the pupils of that school: children, please, don't listen to this man. He is - ... I wanted to say an "idiot", but it would be impolite. He is a very ignorant person. Learn this "junk". Some of you may become a Nobel Prize winner and create new computer programs, new systems, a new Mark Zuckerberg, a new Elon Musk.

All this is possible for the Belarusian youth, who are tried to be turned into an obedient herd by our irreplaceable leader Aliaksandr Lukashenka.