15 August 2020, Saturday, 7:41
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Harry Pahaniaila: Lukashenka Should Have His Health Examined

Harry Pahaniaila: Lukashenka Should Have His Health Examined
Harry Pahaniaila

Is everything fine with the dreamer's head?

The American billionaire, Director General of Tesla Elon Musk refuted Lukashenka's statement that he allegedly gifted an electric car worth $165 thousand to the Belarusian dictator.

It will be reminded that Lukashenka made a ridiculous statement on September 2nd while talking to pupils of Minsk school No. 93.

"I have Tesla, I sometimes test it. Mr Musk gifted me it - he saw me driving a motorcycle and said: "Why does your "president" drive a two-wheeled [motorcycle]?", the dictator told schoolchildren.

Lukashenka's words and Elon Musk's answer have become a hot-button issue on the Belarusian Internet.

The Chairman of the Legal Commission of the Republican Public Association "Belarusian Helsinki Committee", Harry Pahaniaila, comments on the situation for the website Charter97.org.

- How would you comment on the situation in which the Belarusian dictator found himself since he was caught in a lie and unsophisticated lies? It was done by one of the most authoritative people in the world?

- If we mean our "master of the whole country," telling lies is as easy for him as winking. He has been cynically lying all his life, hoping that no one makes him liable.

Now let's turn to the legal part.

The law stipulates the rules for accepting gifts both by top and minor officials. A gift of a very small value can be accepted as a gift for personal use.

Tesla, if it has been gifted, should have been taken into account and kept in the relevant place as the property of the state.

In the case of a particularly expensive gift, there is a legal reason to consider whether the billionaire who made it had any options for developing commercial relations with Belarus. Or he was just so generous to give it to a "famous statesman". At t that, if a well-known businessman makes a gift to the "head of state", it is suspicious. What common interest do this businessman and this state have? In this case, it may be an indirect bribe.

Therefore, such statements are damaging to the reputation of well-known businessmen, as they hint at corruption schemes that should be disclosed. In general, if the "president" makes such statements in public, he must provide strong evidence and grounds why he accepted the gift. He must prove what happens to this gift today: whether this car is in his personal use or the garage of his administration or the Council of Ministers, or transferred to some other official as an official transport.

And if the car is accepted as a personal gift, and the "president" uses it, then it already smells like official misconduct.

I remember the case of former National Bank Chairman Tamara Vinnikava, who was my client. She was accused in 1997 of accepting Zepter dishes as a gift worth only about $2,000. Her children found documents that they had bought it. Nevertheless, it served as a ground for charges.

Therefore, Lukashenka on his position should be extremely careful in accepting gifts such as Tesla electric car and even in statements on the subject.

Elon Musk has the right to demand satisfaction from any liar, who can somehow damage his image. It's one thing to generously give this car, and another thing is to take it from the conveyor and say: "Dear comrade, you can use it".

One should consider whether there are any reasons for the well-known billionaire to resent that someone somewhere said he had accepted such a gift from him.

I see no reason to worry and waste time. If there is significant damage to the image of Elon Musk, he may use legal instruments and seek refutation of biased information through the court. His large team of lawyers is capable of making legal steps to adequately regulate this situation.

- Why did Lukashenka lie about the gift from Musk?

- Lukashenka should always stay focused because he has been repeatedly caught in a lie. He is a dreamer, he cannot always control his imagination.

Therefore, his statements, his offensive opinions and comparisons prove his poor level of education (although he boasts that he has two higher educations). At that, he demonstrates that he is Mr Know-it-all.

In general, he is a great dreamer and sometimes just talks nonsense. It's a shame to listen or watch it, especially when you know that these are words of the "first person".

He's just an ill-mannered person. Second, he is also nailed by a certain psychiatric status. I'm not a psychiatrist and I cannot specify the diagnosis, but it's typical for people suffering from a superiority complex. They believe they are almost the vicar of Christ and can run not only the country but the whole world. He feels like such a "messiah". And his statements are the best proof.

Therefore, a normal person can hardly understand him. His behaviour needs correction.

- A "parliamentary campaign" has started in Belarus. It will smoothly turn into a "presidential" one. In case of fair elections, could a politician involved in such a scandal have a chance?

- Our legislation says that the state of health - especially mental - should be examined when promotion to such high positions. It is not only examined but is also subject to public disclosure, so that voters of the country know for whom they are invited to vote.

This is not a matter of privacy. It evokes public interest, quite justified, which should be satisfied.

We have the right to choose among adequate, healthy candidates, and even more so with a healthy psychiatric status.

This is stipulated by our legislation, but it is not obeyed. "The master of the whole country" violates these laws. He appointed "parliamentary elections" in advance, reducing the term of the previous "parliament" by 10 months. He decided not to combine the "presidential elections" and "parliament ones", which took place at that time.

This is set by your "Constitution"! Once you initiated it... Obey your own "Constitution"!

That is, he rushes in where angels fear to tread. He does not know what morality means. He lives in his world. I believe that the "elections" are scheduled with violation of constitutional norms. I visited the President of the Constitutional Court and expressed my thoughts. If there were at least hundreds of such "smart guys" in the state, I guess we would live in a different legal, moral and social space.