27 September 2020, Sunday, 22:12
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Pavel Klimkin: It's Not Too Late To Stop BelNPP

Pavel Klimkin: It's Not Too Late To Stop BelNPP
Pavel Klimkin

Lithuania needs assistance of European partners in this matter.

The first congress of the Movement Against the Astravets NPP in Lithuania was attended by foreign guests. One of them was the former head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, Pavel Klimkin, a Charter97.org correspondent in Vilnius reports.

"I see that the issue of the Astravets NPP is very disturbing for Lithuania. I am worried along with you. Like any Ukrainian, I have a personal story related to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. I remember very well how my parents tried to take my little sister out of Kiev the day after the explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. I remember this atmosphere of fear, I remember how people's habitual way of life was destroyed in a moment. This tragedy has deeply affected all of Ukraine," - the politician said.

Klimkin added that Lithuania needs the help of European partners to counteract the Astravets NPP. The former head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry added that it is never too late to act.

"Many people may think: it is probably too late to stop the Astravets NPP project, we have lost too much time. But it is never too late. If you are ready to fight, if people support you - it is never too late. Above all, you need solidarity. It's not something abstract. Solidarity is about the people, about their willingness to fight. If you have solidarity, you need a strategy. It's not just about national security, it's about life. I have already mentioned how the lives of ordinary people changed irrevocably in 1986. To be effective, to influence Russia and the Belarusian authorities, you will need the help of allies and a common plan. It would be right to say to the authorities of Belarus: before you launch the NPP, you have to solve absolutely all the security issues that concern Lithuania and the European Union. This is the foundation," - Klimkin said.

Former Ukrainian Foreign Minister shared his vision of the possible influence on Russia and Belarus regarding the NPP construction. According to the politician, the European partners should develop a system of "sticks and carrots," offering the Belarusian authorities conditions that they can't reject.

"Let me be absolutely direct: you need a system of "stick and carrot". Together with partners in the EU, you should find both "sticks" and "carrots," you should make an offer to the Belarusian authorities, which they can't reject. There's no need to say that the attitude of the EU and Lithuania should fully depend on the BelNPP issue. It will be quicker and more effective to get Belarus out of Russia's influence in order to preserve your safety and environment. It's just necessary to take Belarus out of this pro-Russian reality. And one last thing: there are a lot of business interests around the BelNPP, some people think they can buy cheaper energy, but Lithuania and the EU are completely "green", and you should stay energetic in the fight against the Astravets NPP. And once again: it is not too late," - the politician finished.

On February 15, the Seimas of Lithuania hosted the first congress of the Movement against the Astravets NPP. A petition, declaration and text of a letter to Aliaksandr Lukashenka were approved at the congress.