5 April 2020, Sunday, 3:49
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Video: Belarusians Thank Medics For Their Work

Video: Belarusians Thank Medics For Their Work

People admire the self-sacrifice of doctors.

"Without them, it would be worse", "Thank you for your work, for helping", "Let everything be fine with you and us", "I believe in our doctors, who protect us and try to save us from this problem" - this is just a small part of gratitude and parting words that Minsk residents shared with the medical workers.

Just yesterday, the Ministry of Health "off the books" called for the self-isolation of elderly people, especially of those with chronic diseases, and supported social distancing, as well as the flash mob of doctors "We stay at work to help you, and you stay home to help us". Obviously, it is not easy for employees of all medical institutions of the country now, so onliner.by journalists asked passers-by to say a couple of parting words to the medical staff.