30 May 2020, Saturday, 11:59
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‘The Thunder Roars, the Tubation Comes!’

‘The Thunder Roars, the Tubation Comes!’
Iryna Khalip

The Belarusians have received summons.

There is a film "Intervention" by Yefim Kopelyan and a song about "solation". Well, it has already come to us as well.

As of today, a decree of the Council of Ministers on self-isolation in Belarus comes in force. Its "scientific" name is Decree No. 208 "On the Introduction of Restrictive Measures". It would seem that they have finally recognized the obvious, started to move, though reluctantly, with caution and in a collective farm way, but at least started doing something to preserve people's health. So why do I have a feeling that we all received police summons?

Let's read it together. So, citizens of the Republic of Belarus, foreign citizens and stateless persons who have COVID-19 and are first and second level contacts (the second - only with respiratory symptoms) are subject to self-isolation. The first-level contacts are subject to self-isolation for 14 days, the second-level contacts - for the period of valid symptoms. Then the police subpoena comes.

Did you think the state would suddenly start helping a citizen who has a coronavirus or is suspected of having contact with a sick person? Will it give one lemon for free? Or will it grant a tax holiday or a loan deferral? No way. "A citizen who is subject to self-isolation will be given a requirement of compliance with the rules for self-isolation (hereinafter - self-isolation requirement) according to the form in Annex 1. The Ministry of Health shall determine the delivery procedure of the specified requirement for self-isolation". By the way, the website of the Ministry of Health has no information on the procedure. It means that there is no mechanism to implement this decree either. Who will now hand in this requirement for self-isolation? A district police officer, a head of the district sanitary and epidemiological station, a passport registration officer, a KGB officer, a postman? And where will they all be waiting for this "COVID" intruder? Will they come home or will they summon one to the police department? They don't know it. Appendix 1 to the decree contains the requirements for self-isolation. It is as follows: "I demand that a citizen ... residing in ... comply with the requirements on self-isolation, established by the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus of April 8, 2020, No. 208 "On the Introduction of Restrictive Measures", within___ calendar days. An official of a state body (organization). Signature, date". Who is this official? Where does he serve? Well, everywhere. And it turns out that anyone can take control of us now. But there is nobody to help. Because the meaning of this decree is not to count on anyone, the state is not involved in the fight against the pandemic.

At the same time, by the way, they can make money: the decree stipulates it. Everyone who receives the requirement for self-isolation must sign this: " I am explained that failure to comply with this requirement and other sanitary and epidemiological requirements will result in administrative (fine up to 50 basic units or administrative arrest) or criminal (up to imprisonment) liability. In the absence of protests, the flow of fines has dried up. And the anabiotic government has come up with a way to plug the hole in the treasury formed in the absence of a rally on Will Day. Deprivation of liberty is also a great option. Now one can declare, for example, Maksim Vinyarski or Jauhen Afnahel a contact of the eightieth level and put him in jail for violation of self-isolation rules. Here's another "comparatively honest way" to abuse people.

Just do not say that the civilized world, we have not followed, provides sanctions for violations of the isolation rules. They have introduced quarantine. People there are not forced to go to work and send their children to school. They do everything so that citizens could stay at home and minimize risks. They help those who lose money because of the pandemic. In our country, everyone has to go to work and hockey games, remember taxes and rent, to be contracted and contract others, and then to be guilty of it - pay fines and go to jail, and become enemies of the people who spread the virus contrary to the wise care of the state. Everything is right: Belarusians are to blame for everything. They are the ones who devalue the ruble and spread the coronavirus.

By the way, have you noticed that the decree says nothing about the period of self-isolation for those positive for COVID-19? They don't say anything about that. Maybe until a person has respiratory failure...? I guess I know how the next government decree may look like... According to the Health Minister, the height of the epidemic is expected in late April. The next decree will regard the "Self-Intubation". All Belarusians will be required to buy ventilators for each family member and intubate themselves. And Yefim Kopelyan will surely sing something like "the thunder roars, the tubation comes".

Iryna Khalip, especially for Charter97.org