27 November 2020, Friday, 6:08
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Indiscriminate Bombing

Indiscriminate Bombing
Iryna Khalip

The Belarusians are being killed. It's state doctrine.

I live near the ambulance substation. The emergency siren used to signal once or twice a day. Every time I felt quite creepy. I realized that someone in this city was bad if the signals were on. Now I hear it every 15-20 minutes. I'm used to it. I just notice that it's the third ambulance in an hour. They say that one got used to the air warning and didn't even go down to bomb shelters. A missile might miss a target and one would stay alive. The epidemic in Belarus is the same bombing. It may either catch you or not. One can't hide in a bomb shelter, because it was locked down. The key was hidden somewhere in the palace. The approaches to the hiding-place were covered with orders and regulatory documents one can't get through - they are thicker than the Amazon jungle.

The staff in our local women's care department fell ill. There was a chance to avoid it, but the key to the bomb shelter is hidden. It all started with a delivery nurse. The clinical picture, according to her colleagues, was as obvious as A, B, C. Instead of testing on COVID-19, the delivery nurse had her sick leave closed twice and went to work. She failed to cope with the disease for the third time and was hospitalized. She was tested positive for coronavirus. Only after that, all the staff of the women's care department was urgently tested; only two doctors had a negative test. Moreover, the women's care department is not the place where one can observe the "social distancing". No matter how one longs for it. Now imagine how many pregnant women and patients they infected while working in the normal mode.

COVID-positive physicians explained to me that they had to work under the directives of the Ministry of Health and the City Health Committee. They include rules issued two months ago: the first-level contacts and those who arrived from abroad are subject to testing. These papers do not mention the clinical picture. If you have symptoms, they will test you when you get to the hospital. Thus, the polyclinic turns into a hotbed and physicians cannot do anything. It is the piece of paper that makes the difference. However, this piece of paper turns you into a monster that has no right to make a diagnosis either for yourself or patients. These papers pave the way to the key from the bomb shelter.

Now it turns even more obvious that the mass infection of Belarusians is a state policy, starting from the very moment when the whole world started ringing the alarm. Frankly speaking, at first, I thought that the authorities just wanted to reduce the population by getting rid of pensioners. It will pay out less pensions and allowances. It mainly concerned elderly people who were at risk, and the government's behaviour fell within this version. When it became clear that the virus killed both athletes and young successful businessmen, changing tactics looked wise: major taxpayers were dying.

But the behaviour of the authorities became more and more impudent. At first, it looked weird and could only be explained by the state viral schizophrenia. However, things were back to normal last week.

Yes, we're being deliberately infected. Yes, that's government doctrine. Yes, the authorities do their best to spread the coronavirus. Yes, it's happening in public and a demonstrative manner. When the world opens its borders, our country will be blocked from the outside and then we can switch to the North Korean scenario.

Imagine European politicians reading news from Belarus. Now they do this, due to this demonstrative bioterrorism, our country is again in the news of all world media. They read and sigh: what barbarians, what savages... None of them will come here in the near future. Life and health come first. So there will be no one to testify that Mr. Lukashenka has illegally captured his seventh term. Nobody will see it. Of course, everyone will realize, say "stay away from me" and turn the page.

To prevent the Belarusians from realizing that they're being infected deliberately, they get a small bone, code-named "elections," actors who've passed a special casting, come to the stage and performance with awkward aside and twisted hands begin. Let them have fun in the end. Ones who will make it through may find out why it was needed. But it'll be too late.

I hear the emergency siren. Paramedics hurry to save the lives. The key to the bomb shelter is buried under tons of paper spam. A performance is staged for future victims of the pandemic so that they could not realize anything. Don't look at it. It's both life-threatening and talentless.

Iryna Khalip, especially for Charter97.org