9 August 2020, Sunday, 2:50
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New Hotbed Of Coronavirus Infection In Babruisk

New Hotbed Of Coronavirus Infection In Babruisk

The infected are neither hospitalized nor receive official sick leave.

Readers from Babruisk report new hotbeds of the coronavirus infection in their city to Charter97.org news website.

“The doctors keep arriving to the Sacyjalistychnaya Street, 187, almost every day. There are infected people in four apartments in my stairwell alone. The doctors also enter other stairwells. They drive on ordinary cars, not ambulance vehicles. There are infected people in the neighbouring building, Sacyjalistychnaya Street, 185,” the reader informs.

“There are COVID-19 cases in Minskaya Street, 73, among the residents. Ambulance vehicles have been coming there since late in May. My neighbour says that her daughter and husband have all the symptoms of COVID-19, but the doctors say that no test will be done by now, no sick leaves will be provided “only because of an insignificant fever and running nose” - they have no such right. Meanwhile, it is impossible to do a COVID-19 test in the city. It remains an open question what to do in such a situation,” a Babruisk woman writes.