13 August 2020, Thursday, 2:55
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

Justice Comes With Solidarity

Justice Comes With Solidarity

Belarus makes noise for the 17th day in a row.

Today, Maskouski District Court considered the complaint of a political prisoner, blogger Countries for Life, Siarhei Tsikhanouvski against his confinement in the penalty ward. Only Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya and the political prisoner's lawyers could attend the hearing. However, the administrative case was unexpectedly declared closed. The wife of the people's blogger noted that Siarhei needed more support from people. Let us together support our Heroes - Viktar Babaryka, Siarhei Tsikhanouski, Mikalai Statkevich, Pavel Seviarynets and other political prisoners, who sacrificed their freedom for our common goal.

Today is the seventeenth day of the solidarity flash mob. Every day at 7 pm Belarusians open the windows, step out onto the balconies, applaud, rattle pots or turn on music. It lasts only 2 minutes. It happens every day until we win!

Actions of solidarity are held all over the world. Belarusians joined pickets and rallies in more than 70 cities around the world.

Dear readers! Send photos and videos of your participation in the flash mob on charter97@gmail.com and social networks.





19:00 Here's the long-awaited video from Minsk Kamennaya Horka! Metallica, Nothing Else Matters 🔥.

19:00 Brest, Homel, Zhlobin, Asipovichy, Talochyn.

19:00 Flags have already become a traditional flash mob attribute.

"I go to other countries very often, I always see national flags on balconies, over houses, everywhere. I would like this tradition to appear in Belarus, too. For example, starting from this summer," wrote the flash mob participant.

19:00 Sukhareva neighbourhood waves hello.

19:00 Wow! Look at instruments playing in Minsk Kamennaya Horka!

19:00 "In my opinion, rattling a pot is better than trolling each other somewhere in comments. Frankly speaking, I like this movement. For 2 minutes I can compete with my neighbour who's louder," writes a resident from Homel.

19:00 Siren for Sasha 3% - from regular participants of the flash mob in Brest.

19:00 The flash mob participant played La Cucaracha.

19:00 People demand Changes in Homel!

19:00 Zaslavl hit the floor with a new song by Uladzimir Nyaklyayew.

19:00 Hello from the long-haul truck drivers! On the road, the driver joined the flash mob.

19:00 Minsk, Malinovka-6!

19:00 The first photos of the flash mob!