23 September 2020, Wednesday, 6:05
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

People All Over Belarus Form Solidarity Live Chains (Online)

People All Over Belarus Form Solidarity Live Chains (Online)

Belarusians protest against the violence of the siloviki.

Today spontaneous actions of solidarity are taking place all over Belarus. People join hands and form living chains of solidarity in protest against the use of violence by the security forces.

17:38 In the center of Slutsk, girls with flowers and placards went to a solidarity action.

17:34 Maladechna joins the movement! The girls started to line up outside the church.

17:31 Brest, Mazyr, Svetlahorsk have lined up in a chain of solidarity

17:12 Chain of solidarity in Zhlobin

17:08 The priests of the Farny Catholic Church in Lida have joined chain of the protesting women. The church is open around the clock.

17:07 Independence Avenue near the metro station Victory Square now!

17:04 Novaya Borovaya

16:55 In Mahiliou, peaceful women left the place of detention of other participants of the action - and moved closer to McDonald's.


16:48 The people in Hrodna grow in numbers!

16:47 More than 500 people have already gathered for a peaceful rally in Homel. People went to the regional executive committee, put flowers on the steps.


16:44 Office staff on Tsimirazeu Street have also taken to the street!

16:37 Column of Solidarity in Mahiliou

16:37 Women's solidarity column in Homel.

16:33 In Baranavichy, a human chain stretches along the fountain in the very center of the city!

16:33 Brest, Savetskaya Street, near the Belarus cinema. Women are standing with flowers, passers-by bring them water.


16:23 Bright photos from the solidarity action in Minsk


16:19 In Hrodna, near the bus station, women with flowers are shouting “Shame!” to the police. People from cars give water to demonstrators.

16:16 Barysau now

16:16 Columns of protesters near Riga Store in Minsk

16:15 A chain of solidarity is being formed in Brest

16:13 A guy in Homel is giving out flowers to the protesting girls.


16:11 Kamennaya Horka, Minsk.

16:00 CUM store, Yakub Kolas Square.

16:10 Belarusian women continue to come out to protest!

16:00 Kuybyshau Street in Minsk.

15:30 Solidarity chains on Partyzanski Avenue in Minsk.

15:50 Bright photos of the beginning of the women’s action in the Kamarouski market in Minsk.


15:45 Uruchcha now!

15:44 It is reported that the live solidarity chain has stretched near Europa Mall on Surhanau Street in Minsk.

15:39 White ribbons on Vitsebsk bridge.

15:38 The women in Lida are asked to disperse, but they continue walking.

15:37 Another video from Homel!

15:36 Just look at the atmosphere in Hrodna!

15:35 The action is also being held in Horki. Solidarity girls near the administrative building of the Belarusian State Agricultural Academy.

15:29 In Hrodna, people are standing on both sides of the road near the bus station.

15:20 What do the people of Minsk who came to the action of solidarity on Pushkinskaya say?

“I protest against the arbitrariness that we have in our country,” people say.

15:18 Homel, people are gathering near the circus.

15:17 A column of women is walking along Masherau Avenue in Minsk.

15:10 About 350 people in Hrodna!

15:09 Kamennaya Horka right now. Motorists support the protesters.

15:07 A monologue of the girl who came to the action of solidarity on Pushkinskaya on 12 August.

“It's my birthday today, but how can I celebrate? I only have pain in my soul”.

15:03 The CUM central store is buzzing. Solidarity actions are taking place all over Minsk.

15:00 Doctors are also in solidarity and ask to stop the lawlessness of the security forces.

14:52 Cars passing near Pushkinskaya honk as a sign of solidarity.

14:50 In Homel today we also stand in solidarity!

14:49 An awesome action in Uruchcha in Minsk.

14:47 Hundreds of brave girls are marching across Minsk.

14:40 An action is also taking place near the executive committee in Hrodna. People are kneeling down, holding a photo of a five-year-old girl who suffered because of the punishers.

A spontaneous action of solidarity was also held near the Center for Isolation of Law-Breakers on Akrestsin Street in Minsk. Relatives of the inmates gathered outside the building and chanted “Hold on there!”

14:30 Baranavichy stand in solidarity, too!

14:27 Minsk Uruchcha joins the action of solidarity.

14:19 Near the Yakub Kolas Square, there is a human chain almost to the metro. A stunning footage!

14:17 A solidarity action is also taking place on the steps of the Minsk Central Department Store. Cars are honking in support.

14:15 Minsk residents are restoring the spontaneous people's memorial on Pushkinskaya. After the death of a demonstrator, people began to bring flowers there, and the authorities removed the memorial. However, today the solidarity has continued.

14:10 On Kamennaya Horka in Minsk, there are already about 100 people in the chain of solidarity. A young man supports the protesters, brings them bottles of water.

14:07 In Hrodna, the action began near the bus station.

14:06 In Lida, a chain of solidarity is standing near the local executive committee.

14:04 In Zhodzina, near the Green supermarket, a chain of solidarity has been formed.

14:02 250 Belarusian women in white clothes lined up in a live chain on the capital's Komarovka, protesting against the violence and atrocities of the security forces. After the riot police told the protesters to disperse, they began to slowly go away, throwing their hands behind their heads.