26 October 2020, Monday, 7:29
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Doctor Tina Beradze: Lukashenka's Mental State Has Worsened Over the Past Two Weeks

Doctor Tina Beradze: Lukashenka's Mental State Has Worsened Over the Past Two Weeks

The patient has an exacerbation due to stress.

Tina Beradze spoke about this in an interview with Charter97.org; she is a psychiatrist, psychotherapist, doctor of medical Sciences, a graduate of the Medical school of Harvard University in the United States, a member of the European Association of psychiatrists. She worked in the USA and Austria, and has been living in Ukraine since 2005.

- Dr. Tina, on Sunday we saw Lukashenka and his son with machine guns in full gear, we hear how he threatens striking factory workers, teachers who do not agree with the "state ideology." In your opinion, what does this mean?

- I closely monitor everything that is happening in Belarus and will analyze the situation only from the point of view of my professional competence. For me, this is a worrying sign because I see a person who is under a lot of stress. And in this state, there can be a serious change in the psyche, when a person becomes socially dangerous. That is, it can pose a threat to both others and yourself. Lukashenka is completely disoriented, and recent events confirm this.

- "Has unlimited power taken him so far from reality?"

- The question is not even in power, but in who he appointed himself. Everyone has their own illusion. We never see or feel the way others see us-this is a recognized psychological fact.

For him, this perception of the world is already an integral part of his existential status. And he said so himself: You'll have to kill me, or I won't leave. Then everyone started laughing. But I, as a professional, believed him. He believed it, not joking. And when I saw him with the machine gun, the picture formed.

This person has such a status of mania (there is such a professional expression) when he sees himself differently. He appointed himself the Savior of Belarus. He is convinced that the country will be lost without him. For him, the third is not given: either death or the presidency. In psychiatry, this is called delusional ideas. Therefore, his appearance with a machine gun and a fully equipped son is not funny.

I haven't read his medical history, and I don't know the man personally. But from what I observe, it's obvious. He has serious mental problems. Am I the only one who sees this?

- In this state, he can commit certain actions that both he and others will regret?

"Yes, to my great regret. There is one important aspect. In 2014, journalists asked me if Putin had schizophrenia. I then replied that if I even theoretically make such a diagnosis (which for the first time in my life violates medical ethics), we will have to treat him, and not judge him in the Hague Tribunal for crimes against humanity. The situation with Lukashenka is similar.

His mental state has been deteriorating for the past two weeks. I believe that he is already in a state where he is able to do anything, is able to shoot, and not only at people. We can't predict what's on his mind or what he's going to do. We do not run with automatic weapons; we were not the saviors of the nation and the whole state. But the dynamics that it has in relation to himself, to the people, to my own child, is frightening. Nothing good is going to happen.

I am a doctor with 40 years of experience, and I see a patient with an exacerbation of stress. Listen to what he broadcasts. He has built an army and is talking about attacking Belarus from the West. He firmly believes it. But this is paranoia. When an ordinary person is paranoid, they say: my neighbor wants to attack me. How does this case differ? Only the scale. It's just that Lukashenka has bigger neighbors. For 14 days, everyone has been looking at it and thinking it's normal? A person needs medical help.

- Created Belarusian coordinating Council is offering Lukashenka a dialogue; please, tell us, is it possible to negotiate?

- Already late. It doesn't make any sense.

Perhaps I will make a dramatic comparison, but this is only to make it clear to readers: imagine a patient who under great stress develops a psychotic state, and he considers himself the Messiah or Napoleon. Will you enter into negotiations with him? But what's the point? Who can hear you? Napoleon? I take a humanistic approach: first, the person must be treated, brought out of the psychotic state, and only then, when he returns to an adequate status, you can think about negotiations.

- I think that the Belarusian doctors just do not dare to offer Lukashenka a psychiatric treatment.

- In this situation, even in civilized countries, compulsory assistance is used. When a person is socially dangerous and can cause harm to themselves or others, they are placed in a clinic for 36 hours. This is enough to bring a person out of a psychotic state. Then the family or he will decide what to do next.

In Belarus, a man runs around with a machine gun and says that he will not leave until he is killed. Now it is necessary to call on the world community and put the question in this way: he has a disturbed mind, he is dangerous, and he needs medical help. In the end, let Lukashenka be sent to "Sharite," as, for example, Alexey Navalny. The Germans are very good at treating such conditions.

- And if he doesn't want to be treated even in Germany?

- This is the key idea: when a person is inadequate, you can not ask for their consent. The task of doctors and the environment is to make a decision about help. You don't have to be a psychiatrist to figure out how to act when a person declares himself to be the Messiah. What are we waiting for? When will he take the machine gun and start shooting?

I remember that Lukashenka boasted to the whole world more than once that medicine in his country is at the highest level. And now came the moment when this medicine "of the highest level" was needed by him. Be kind, help the person, cure him! Give him back the goods. I know that Belarus has very kind people. Sick people are not judged. They are being treated! This is a very humanistic way out of this situation.

- You mentioned the need to involve the international community in resolving the situation in Belarus. Do you think the reaction of the West and the Republic's closest neighbors is sufficient?

- I am very sorry that the West reacts to the events in Belarus less than it should. I'm really worried about Navalny. But the reaction of Western politicians to the situation with him was more rapid and clear than to the events in Belarus.

I can understand official Georgia, which has been ruled by a Russian oligarch and a Pro-Putin government for eight years. They react the same way as Russia. But I can't understand what the Ukrainian authorities were guided by when they made their statements. I hope we will one day find out what political expediency was behind this decision.

The events in Belarus have already forced many people to take a different view of the situation. I can even see from the comments under my Facebook posts how much this topic has divided people.

They say it's not political views that determine whether you want to be friends with someone or not. I used to think that political views are different - well, let them be. But the older I get, the more I disagree with this postulate. And after the events in Belarus, it completely changed its attitude to this. Let me explain why.

There is a man I consider my friend. He tells me that it will be better if Lukashenka remains in power in Belarus (there are many such people in Ukraine). I wondered what I had in common with him. This conclusion is based on his system of values and implies many aspects, and first of all, an attack on the freedom of choice.

When someone I previously considered my close friend says "of course, I am for Lukashenka," for me, it means that he denies the fundamental value of humanity-freedom of choice. And freedom of choice is the basic right of everyone living on Earth. If the value system has led a person to this conclusion, then we have nothing in common with them. So let former friends not be offended: if you are for Lukashenka, we are not on the same path.

People take to the streets of Belarusian cities with flowers and balloons. Are you for Lukashenka, who runs around with a machine gun? Even if he once did a million good things for the country, this does not give him the right to take away the freedom of choice of an entire nation.